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The cost of a ransomware attack to a financial services organisation now clocks in at an average of £1.44m.

About Cubit Technology

Cubit Technology is based in London. Over 40 businesses each with 10-100 employees entrust their IT infrastructure and support to Cubit Technology.

Reformed IT offers exceptional IT support for businesses across the East Midlands. They are also leading the way in security-focused, managed IT services, providing a suite of cutting-edge solutions...

About Simply Better IT

Simply Better IT gets a kick from helping small businesses punch above their weight and challenge the larger corporates by bringing enterprise designed technologies to the...

About Practical Networks

Practical Networks is an award-winning IT services company, working alongside public sector organisations and SMEs delivering state of the art IT solutions.

About Stridon

Stridon changes things for their clients, changes perceptions of the industry, and changes how IT works. Stridon’s complete managed technology service is enhanced through the bespoke...

About Westtek

Westtek has redefined the concept and delivery of IT around what is important to their customers. Westtek’s services, IT and telecoms have become business enablers, not drivers....