Why SoConnect has chosen to deliver CyberSmart via Brigantia

February 18, 2022 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity , Cyber Essentials ,
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Laurence Keir

SoConnect provides professional services and IT support to businesses across the UK. SoConnect tailor IT packages to support their customer's business needs. Which are all designed to suit the individual customer's budget. SoConnect are committed to providing outstanding customer service and they firmly believe this is what separates them from their competitors.

We spoke to Euan Stewart, Head of Technical at SoConnect, to find out why SoConnect has chosen to deliver CyberSmart via Brigantia

What challenges were your clients experiencing prior to purchasing CyberSmart’s solution?

"Our clients were finding it difficult to ensure everyday cyber hygiene and compliance with the Cyber Essentials framework. As a result of the pandemic, many of our clients quickly adopted remote working without considering the security consequences.

Installing CyberSmart on all our clients’ devices, whether personally owned or company-owned laptop's, PC's or mobile's, allows the client to monitor in real-time any security vulnerabilities that arise and quickly resolve them before it becomes a severe threat."

What made CyberSmart's solution stand out against the competitors?

"CyberSmart stood out to us because it allows us as an MSP to quickly gauge any gaps in the clients' cyber defences and suggests what needs to be implemented to achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

CyberSmart continuously monitors devices to ensure compliance with the Cyber Essentials five controls framework, so the process is quick and straightforward for the annual renewal. CyberSmart also has a Policy Management feature with policy templates included, which client's find particularly helpful."

What did your decision-making process look like?

"The awareness of the Cyber Essentials scheme will only grow, particularly with UK businesses permanently adopting hybrid working models. Cyber attacks are constantly in the news headlines, and organisations must start thinking seriously about their cyber security strategy before it's too late.

Many of our clients find cyber security a daunting subject; however, Cyber Essentials is an affordable way for SMEs to protect themselves against common cyber threats using just five simple controls."

Why does SoConnect choose to partner with Brigantia?

"We chose Brigantia as a partner because their security solutions are best-in-class. Over the last year, we have worked closely with their business development team and product specialists to raise awareness of CyberSmart, Cyber Essentials and Keeper.

We have received fantastic support to run targeted marketing campaigns and interactive webinars, which Brigantia are more than happy to host and join as guest speakers.

We are looking forward to expanding our security product portfolio this year and executing more successful marketing campaigns with Brigantia's support!"

More about CyberSmart

CyberSmart makes achieving cybersecurity certifications simple with their step-by-step process. CyberSmart’s device-based application provides ongoing compliance and security by checking for vulnerabilities every 15 minutes. CyberSmart provides the quickest, easiest way to achieve Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, and GDPR Readiness certifications.

Find out more about CyberSmart

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