Why Reformed IT has chosen to deliver Keeper's password management solution via Brigantia

January 4, 2022 | Brigantia , Keeper , Cybersecurity ,
Sean O'Neill

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Sean O'Neill

Reformed IT offers exceptional IT support for businesses across the East Midlands. They are also leading the way in security-focused, managed IT services, providing a suite of cutting-edge solutions alongside a dedicated IT helpdesk for businesses in sectors such as Legal, Financial, Professional Services and Manufacturing.

We spoke to Joe Burns, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reformed IT, to find out why Keeper was the right solution for their customers. 

What challenges were your clients experiencing prior to purchasing Keeper’s solution?

"We are constantly educating and encouraging our clients to follow the most appropriate guidance when it comes to IT security. This includes using unique, complex passwords for every website or application. Re-using passwords is a huge risk to organisations and although we implement multi-factor authentication wherever possible, modern security needs to be strong at every layer.

The challenge we have with our clients is that even though we can advise they use a password manager, it is difficult for employees to individually research, purchase and implement a password management solution for themselves. We lock down company devices so individuals can’t just install whatever they want. By managing this service on their behalf, it ensures that every employee in the business has easy access to the tools that help them to stay secure whilst increasing convenience.

Far too often, people put off steps which would make them more secure because it makes their life more difficult. The benefit of Keeper is it enhances security whilst making their life easier."

What made Keeper’s solution stand out against the competitors?

"We have tried and tested all of the major password managers on the market. Keeper was an attractive choice because of the ease of management from a managed services point of view.

The ability to share reports with our clients about the potential of people using weak passwords or passwords which are known to have been breached definitely enhances the value we offer.

One of the features which we liked from competitive products was the ability to hold TOTP (one time MFA codes) within the vault making the process simple for using multi-factor authentication, something we stress the importance of. Thankfully Keeper also includes this feature which our users love."

What did your decision-making process look like?

"We had already been using some alternative password managers for some clients and some were also purchasing a service independently.

We had heard some great things about Keeper and when we realised that we could purchase through Brigantia, who already supply many of our other managed services, we started the conversation with them.

Brigantia arranged a demo and answered all the questions we had, then assisted setting up our full feature trial.

We quickly decided that it met our requirements and those of our clients. Agreeing a deal through the team at Brigantia."

Why does Reformed IT choose to partner with Brigantia?

"We have a strong relationship with Brigantia due to the fact that they bring market-leading solutions, as well as some hidden gems to our attention. Having a team who can deal with all our questions and help escalate support issues to the various vendors is also advantageous.

As we have now got several of their vendors within our MSP offering, it allows us to get competitive pricing with increased discounts as we grow our client base. It is a win - win - win situation. We win because we are offering the best solutions to our clients all built in to our standard service pricing, our clients win as they get the benefits of all these additional solutions without spending money on add-on services, Brigantia win because we put more business through them."

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