Why Virtual IT chose to roll out Retruster via Brigantia

March 16, 2022 | Brigantia

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Virtual IT was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing "best in class" IT corporate infrastructure and service to the SME sector. Virtual IT is headquartered in North West London and has offices throughout the south-east.

Virtual IT is a pre-eminent Managed Services Provider (MSP) to both the SME and Education sector, supporting over 15,000 users with their IT, Unified Communications and cybersecurity, delivering a wide range of cloud, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, vulnerability testing, and support solutions, bringing together the best technology sets to address their clients' ever-changing needs.

We spoke with James Selby, ITSec Consultant at Virtual IT, to learn why Retruster was the right solution for their clients.

What challenges were your clients experiencing prior to purchasing Retruster's solution?

"Our customers have market-leading email security, but no security solution is 100% effective, so they needed a solution that examines every incoming email and alerts the user to different elements within each email that may be malicious.

This includes simple things like determining whether the email came from someone new who had never emailed the user before, as well as alerting users to suspicious characters or numbers in an email address, and even understanding the tone of an email to determine if it has a negative tone. These are all indicators of malicious emails, which users are frequently unaware of.

Retruster alerts users to potential risks through the tags that are added to emails and the effective sidebar that has a green or red bar to graphically indicate to a user whether the email is risky or not.

We have discovered that having a simple green or red graphic in the sidebar draws users' attention to the information that Retruster is alerting them to, allowing them to make an informed decision, or perhaps just be a little more cautious before clicking on a link."

What made Retruster's solution stand out against the competitors?

"Our decision to use Retruster was not based on a preference for their solution over competitors; rather, we saw an opportunity to provide our customers with a new layer of security that they did not previously have. It falls somewhere between the email security and security awareness training layers.

We chose Retruster because it is a new and responsive vendor that adds a valuable new layer of security for users while remaining unobtrusive.

Retruster does not block emails or links in emails; it simply alerts users that there are suspicious elements in an email and that they should exercise caution before clicking on links or responding to the email. It is a very elegant solution for assisting users and businesses in protecting themselves."

Why does Virtual IT choose to partner with Brigantia?

"Working with Brigantia is very easy. We are grateful for the assistance we have received from our account manager and the product specialist team in general. They are always available to assist us with everything from product deployment to end-user queries.

Brigantia's solutions are unique, which gives us confidence when deploying them to our customers. Retruster is yet another service we get from Brigantia!"

More about Retruster

Retruster is email security's last line of defence. It protects users against phishing, fraud, and ransomware through an easy to use and non-intrusive email security service. Retruster utilises the latest technology, including AI and machine learning, to unobtrusively protect your organisation's users, notifying users clearly and concisely if an email is deemed suspicious or a threat.

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