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Brigantia is about aggregating the purchasing power of hundreds of channel technology reseller and MSP partners. By centralising purchasing, it allows Brigantia to provide excellent pricing and one single monthly credit account facility, across a full range of wholesale services covering:
Broadband, Managed Services and selected Hardware.

Brigantia also provides large company employee benefits to all subscribing channel partner businesses, for use by owners, employees and their families.

  • Wholesale terms on broadband, leased lines, VoIP, cloud backup, hosting, endpoint security, mail protection and remote support
  • Recurring revenue opportunities from selected, best in class, vendors and service providers
  • Cybersecurity specialism and regular lead generation programs
  • Free legal and business helpline
  • Not for resale use of selected products and services
  • Access to free product and service trials
  • Free ADSL connection for subscribers own use or half price FTTC
  • Access to regular business development and training workshops
  • Accreditation through a strict code of ethics and professional conduct

How we add value

Brigantia aims to add capital value to its channel technology partner businesses. The value of a business is frequently about recurring revenue and Brigantia provides its partners with a range of essential services for the business and consumer markets. These products and services generate recurring revenue to the partner as well as providing a great price to help reduce costs so that the partner can remain competitive.

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It is great to be reengaged with Brigantia and to be using some of their wholesale services. Brigantia has become relevant to our business again and we are excited about a number of their new to the UK market managed service offers.

Hiten Patel
Pensar COO

Drum Brae

Brigantia provides a great business support service for smaller resellers and MSPs like ourselves. It is great to have so many best in class vendor’s services available from one wholesale source with the added simplicity of one monthly credit account to pay. I would highly recommend Brigantia as a trusted provider of partner benefits and wholesale products and services.

Phionna Cowan-Hoffman
Drum Brae Solutions Solutions Sales Manager


Over the years Brigantia has assisted us in many ways from sourcing new products and services through to business support and occasionally providing both a trusted third party customer and supplier arbitration service.

Richard Cleave
Moortek Founder and Partner


Brigantia have been invaluable to my business. A few years ago I ran in to a serious issue with our previous wholesale broadband provider. Brigantia gave me advance access to the then new Brigantia wholesale broadband program and enabled me to move over our entire UK portfolio of tails that I was in danger of losing due to poor service from our previous wholesale route.

Joe Lowe
PC-Q Managing Director


The great thing about being a subscribing Brigantia partner reseller is the constant exchange of new ideas. As new technologies and services become available Brigantia is generally there with a new wholesale, rebate or other service to help us make the most out of opportunities.

Stephen Pinchen
Alncom Managing Director

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