The role of cybersecurity in the success of MSPs

February 10, 2023 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity
Angus Shaw

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Angus Shaw

Data breaches are costly. According to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report, the global average total cost is now $4.35M. This is the highest level in over twenty years, and it is only going to get higher. This increases the pressure on managed service providers to protect their customers. However, there is also a lot of potential for business growth. 

The emergence of new cybersecurity threats is well documented. Increases in phishing attempts and business email compromise, and new vulnerabilities in popular software all pose significant risks. With business owners becoming more aware of the threats they face, now is the time for MSPs to demonstrate their worth. Brigantia believes that cybersecurity should be at the heart of any successful service offering. Here, we'll explain why.

Provide peace of mind first and foremost

We've already mentioned that business owners are more aware of cyber threats than ever before. This means they'll better understand the dangers of user error and the value of an IT partner who can help them prevent it. By leading with cybersecurity during your sales and onboarding processes, you can demonstrate your commitment to providing genuine peace of mind.

Peace of mind is more than just being safe; it is also about feeling safe. Both aspects should be met by the solutions you offer. A service like InboxGuard by IronVest is a great example. InboxGuard offers highly effective AI-based cloud email security. InboxGuard provides powerful AI-powered cloud email security. That's great, but it's made even better by a dashboard where customers can see the results. This means they can see the solution in action and that you're providing good value for money.

You can also achieve peace of mind by focusing more on data security. Disaster recovery isn't just a trend; it's a necessity. Putting data security first and foremost in your service offering demonstrates to your customers how important business continuity is to your proposition.

Demonstrate your staff’s expertise

Remarkably, there is a serious shortage of cybersecurity experts. Even if your customers have an internal IT resource, the world of cybersecurity is evolving at such a rapid pace that they will undoubtedly be unable to cover all bases effectively. This is where you come in, backed by a great suite of services and a well-trained team capable of meeting customer demands.

When new partners gain access to Brigantia's services, they can also collaborate with our product experts. These experts can provide your team with the tools and training they need to produce excellent results for your customers on a consistent basis.

You can also demonstrate your expertise by providing solutions. Tools like KnowBe4 can be implemented as a training resource for your customers. This service is constantly updated with new phishing attack templates, giving your customers an excellent first line of defence against them.

Show customers you are up to date

As we've mentioned, and as we're sure you're aware, cybersecurity is constantly changing. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it's an arms race between hackers and providers to protect businesses and their data. With this in mind, it's critical that MSPs put their best foot forward when it comes to cybersecurity, offering services that not only look great but also deal with the most advanced threats.

AI and automation can really help here.  Last year, organisations with a fully deployed AI and automation programme identified cybersecurity breaches 28 days faster than those without . At Brigantia, we can help you to incorporate AI and automation into your cybersecurity portfolio. Providers like Heimdal, for example, help you to implement powerful cybersecurity measures with an easy-to-use interface. Meanwhile, disaster recovery services such as Redstor and Hornetsecurity offer continuous data protection with AI support.

Remain a one-stop shop

For MSPs to succeed, they must do more than just attract new customers. It's all about convincing your current customers that you're still the best partner for them. With new services emerging all the time, the best way to stay in your customers' minds is to stay innovative and provide the best service possible.

You can achieve this by constantly improving your team's and your customers' cybersecurity knowledge. From our team of product experts who are here to answer your questions and concerns, to our network of vendors who can assist your customers in not only putting plans in place to protect their business, but also testing them, Brigantia can help you to stay at the top of your customers' minds.

Develop your business

Leading with cybersecurity allows your team to support customers for many years to come. Keeping your customers informed not only helps to minimise threats to their businesses, but it also helps to maximise your recurring revenue. Cybersecurity as a service is now a tried-and-true model that benefits all parties. Your customers benefit from a service that is constantly maintained and supported, giving them peace of mind, and your company benefits from a predictable revenue stream to support future growth. 

Overall, cybersecurity should be the top priority for every MSP in 2023. Contact Brigantia using the button below or call us on 02033580090 for more information on how your team can get started or expand your current offering.

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