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January 22, 2024 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity , sendmarc ,
Elliot Wilkie

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Elliot Wilkie

On 11th January, we formally launched the Sendmarc service to our partner community, and it is safe to say, the response has been unprecedented with a lot of questions during the session.

We have therefore decided to put the most relevant questions into this blog for those that may have missed the webinar or those watching the recording.

I think Google and Yahoo will still accept the mail. It's just if you send over X amount of emails...

No. There are rules for companies sending fewer than 5,000 emails a day, too. They're not as strict, but there are still rules that will cause difficulty for senders.

Is it accurate that we cannot guarantee that client emails will be delivered from February with the rule changes?

Yes, in theory. If clients use systems you are unaware of, emails could ""go missing."

Does Sendmarc also support ARC?

This is a tricky question. Typically, when discussing ARC support, we describe the mail recipient platforms handling ARC headers appropriately. We do support reporting of DMARC overrides as a result of ARC processing.

Can we add code to our website to complete checks and collect data?

Yes, there is! Sendmarc offers a browser extension so you can prospect as you browse customer sites and coding to put into your site so customers can test themselves. They also can enter opportunities, which will give you a range of scores and info on a domain so you can start a conversation with your customer based on facts.

Can you explain what "aligned" SPF and "not aligned" are - does your product help us get aligned? It seems that emails will fail if we turn on strict SPF rules with a competitor.

There are two relevant addresses regarding alignment: the From.header (what you see in your email client) and the return path (or Envelope.from - this is where bounces are typically sent). A mail is SPF-aligned if the two relevant domains are the same. This is sometimes a problem for marketing platforms, who want to get the bounces back to their platform.

Does this only cover DMARC, or will it help with things like SPF, DKIM, etc?

DMARC solves this by considering a mail aligned if it passes a DKIM or an SPF evaluation.

Can you help flatten SPF records? We often see this as a problem when clients run multiple systems that want to send emails.

Yes, we have SPF optimisation, which solves this issue exactly.

Do we point the SPF/DKIM/DMARC records to Sendmarc, or otherwise, how would you tie them into DNS services like AWS?

The three are intertwined. DMARC, in particular, relies on the correct implementation of SPF and DKIM, and our platform helps you get all three correct.

Do you support a prospect import function where we can enter our customer domains to see which don't have SPF/DMARC set up?

We do. Our partner portal allows you to do mass evaluations of your customer domains using the scoring mechanism as a guide. DKIM is trickier, as you mention, so we focus on DMARC and SPF to identify 'low-hanging fruit.'

Do we, as the MSP, need access to the customer's DNS for SENDMARC's tools to work?

We require some access initially to get the original DNS records published, but once set up, we can handle all subsequent changes to SPF/DKIM/DMARC/BIMI, etc., records.

If we have customers using existing mail scanning/filtering, where does SendMarc sit in the chain, and is it problematic getting it set up alongside those services?

It does not impact at all; email filtering solutions focus on inbound emails, and Sendmarc helps ensure that outbound emails are delivered by configuring DMARC settings.

Is there any PSA integration capability?

Sendmarc has a hugely comprehensive API, but API integrations for ticketing and alerting are scheduled throughout H1.


If you would like to learn more about the product you can book a 1-2-1 meeting with me using the button below.



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