Smarter backup and recovery by design, powered by Redstor

Redstor offers MSPs a smarter backup and recovery platform, offering market-leading revenue retention, bigger margins, simple pricing, powerful marketing tools and 24x7 support. 

What Redstor offer

Built for the cloud and fast to scale, the Redstor platform unifies the protection of modern, legacy and SaaS infrastructure via a single app (RedApp). 

Breakthrough streaming technology delivers instant data access and mobility, bringing users back in seconds after outages, whilst unlocking all the benefits of a cloud-first model. Artificial intelligence (AI) polices backups to identify and isolate malware for safe restores. 

With no hardware requirements or minimum commitments and setup times of under 60 seconds, Redstor is purpose-built for the MSP growth agenda.

Why choose Redstor?


Smart recovery

On-demand recovery of any file, in an instant, whether for testing or DR purposes


A smarter way of working

The broadest coverage of data protecting from a single application, including critical SaaS data


Unique antiviral AI

AI-powered malware detection that detects and enables the deletion of malicious files from within backups


Smarter set up

No need to wait for hardware to be delivered, Redstor can be set up in minutes, protecting data from day one

Smarter backup and recovery for SaaS data

As organisations implement cloud and SaaS applications it is vital that they account for the new sources of data that will need to be managed and protected.

Internal and external threats like data corruption, accidental or malicious deletion, and ransomware can leave organisations at huge risk if not, as many SaaS platforms do not automatically back up data, despite being in the cloud.

Redstor’s smart backup and recovery enables protection for a wide range of SaaS data sources, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce and Xero, all from a single app.


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Protecting against ransomware with Redstor

With ransomware and malware presenting an ongoing threat to data, organisations need to ensure they are actively working to prevent becoming infected. Data protection regulators and cyber units within law enforcement agencies advise that a ransom is never paid and alternative methods of recovery such as secure, offsite backups are used.

Thanks to Redstor’s InstantData™ technology, data can be streamed on-demand, in an instant, negating downtime and allowing organisations to protect against the threats of ransomware.

In addition, Redstor’s AI-driven malware detection, enables the detection and removal of malicious files from within a backup data, ensuring a clean recovery can take place.

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What our partners think about Redstor

We work with important clients who hold very sensitive data and Redstor’s cloud backup solution is essential to help our customers stay compliant.

Aaron Nihat, Director at Cornwall IT

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