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As many of us who follow such things are aware, quantum computing poses a significant threat to cryptography. As a result, we've spent the last few years watching quantum computers become...
Where is this year going? It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the festive period, but what a fantastic first half of 2022 it has been!
Consider the following thought experiment: divide the world into two camps: the first consists of legitimate organisations that follow the rules and get on with their missions, while the second...
Many organisations have found managing and protecting their data in on-prem environments to be even more unreliable and unwieldy during the pandemic – especially when supply chains are delayed.
What are the biggest risks to your network?
Has your company been hit by Ransomware?
Has Russia leant from the fallout caused by NotPetya?
KP snacks the supplier of some of the nations favourite snacks has been hacked. Brands affected include; Skips, Nik Naks, Hula Hoops, McCoy's crisps and KP Nuts themselves. How has this happened?...
Cyber Essentials has changed! What does this mean for your business? Laurence Keir, Brigantia's CyberSmart Product Specialist discussed the latest changes earlier today with Jonny Kerr from Threat...