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Networks are critical components of cybersecurity, but they are all too often overlooked. Your network is made up of several interconnected components, including routers, servers, switches, and all...
It’s time for another monthly cybersecurity round-up. As ever, cybercrime continues to target all industries and sectors, proving that no organisation is immune from attack.
Remote work is now firmly established. Since the pandemic, businesses of all sizes and sectors have embraced hybrid work in some form or another.
Quality matters at Brigantia. Our goal is to provide the best solutions to the channel. On top of that, we aim to be leading experts on those solutions.
In the first half of 2023, cybercrime has impacted organisations of all sizes and sectors.
At Brigantia, partnering with the right vendors is critical for several reasons. Our portfolio is comprised of high-quality products and services that address the challenges' businesses face in the...
It is almost 3 years since we partnered with Keeper in the UK and Ireland to focus on growing business in the MSP market.
We could talk all day about the solutions we’re bringing to the channel. But sometimes, it’s better if you can hear how good they are from one of our partners. This is why we interviewed Managing...
Our product specialists are an essential part of the value-added approach we provide to our partners. As you may already know, we take our work seriously at Brigantia and provide not only...