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The cybersecurity landscape continually evolves, and knowledge is key to staying ahead of the changing threat landscape. We're proud to be trusted advisors within our community, and we understand that knowledge is an asset not solely for our team but for our partners.

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Partner News & Articles

It's easy to see why we're a technology-dependent society. However, for all the positive opportunities that technology provides, it also creates opportunities for cybercriminals. Cyberthreats are a...
Heimdal Security has announced its entry into the market for Extended Detection and Response (XDR)!
To us, being a distributor means more than simply providing a product. It is about providing our partners with technical expertise and guidance.
It may be peak holiday season for many, but that hasn't stopped cybercriminals from working. Here are the most recent cybersecurity breaches in August 2023. Let’s begin with the Electoral Commission.
"Partnership" is a word that appears frequently in business - perhaps too frequently. But it's not just a buzzword to us.
Cyberattacks are a regular feature on the news these days. The threat is ever present. Today, we’re looking at how Cyber Essentials can help protect you from cyberattacks.
Networks are critical components of cybersecurity, but they are all too often overlooked. Your network is made up of several interconnected components, including routers, servers, switches, and all...
It’s time for another monthly cybersecurity round-up. As ever, cybercrime continues to target all industries and sectors, proving that no organisation is immune from attack.
Remote work is now firmly established. Since the pandemic, businesses of all sizes and sectors have embraced hybrid work in some form or another.