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Partner News & Articles

As the second month of 2023 comes to a close, there is no let up on cyber breaches and attacks targeting large and small organisations. In our January round up we saw how big organisations like Royal...
Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently a hot topic. Chatbots are the most recent AI technology to make headlines. You've probably heard of ChatGPT, which amassed 100 million users within weeks of...
We have nominated for the "Cybersecurity Distributor of the Year" award at the Technology Reseller Magazine Awards 2023.
With cyberattacks affecting every sector in the last year and 2022 being plagued by digital assaults of various sizes, what can we expect in 2023 and the months ahead?
If you have read anything on the subject, you probably realise that cyber-crime is pretty big, and often very profitable for the cyber-criminals. What you may not realise is quite how big it really is
I have been asked to write about what is going to happen in 2023, where the biggest opportunities will be, etc. Given that my crystal ball seems to be on the blink, I’m just going to have to come up...
You may have heard it said that to get the right answer, you need to ask the right question. I found this to be especially true when I had a peculiar “conversation” with
Before the turn of the new year, we thought it would be a good idea to get a sense of what our partner community has been through this year, as well as some predictions for what's to come...
We have won the "Security Distributor of the Year" award at the Computing Security Magazine Awards 2022.