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Keeper's UK cybersecurity census report for 2022 has been released and the results offer a stark reality check for UK businesses!
Anyone who has attended a large sporting event knows that gaining internet access is a nightmare even in the best of circumstances! Thousands of people crammed into a stadium can disrupt your phone...
Good credential hygiene is vital to ensure the protection of your business assets...
A global survey of IT professionals and leaders of over 800 organizations reveals that more than a quarter of organizations surveyed has reported being the target of a security-related incident in...
ISL Online is a secure and reliable remote desktop application that allows you to support your customers and access unattended devices.
We have won the "Cybersecurity Distributor of the Year" award at the Technology Reseller Magazine Awards 2022.
We have won the "Distributor of the Year (under €500m global sales)" award in the IT Europa Channel Awards 2022.
In short, the chances of not being on the receiving end of one of these attacks is reducing by the day.
In case you have been living under a rock, or on another planet, relations between the countries of the East (particularly Russia) and those in the West (particularly USA, though Ukraine may...