What does 2023 hold for us?

January 11, 2023 | Brigantia
Will Shaw

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Will Shaw

I have been asked to write about what is going to happen in 2023, where the biggest opportunities will be, etc. Given that my crystal ball seems to be on the blink, I’m just going to have to come up with something that sounds vaguely likely in the hope that some of it will be right. 

Here’s what I know at the moment:

  • Ukraine and Russia seem to be no closer to working things out. This causes lots of problems for many countries: supply chain issues and energy pricing to name just a couple of them.
  • The issues mentioned in the first point are causing financial difficulties for many people and organisations. What usually happens when the amount of money available is reduced, spending is reduced anywhere that it can be. This translates as if what you are selling is not vital, prepare for your sales to decrease.
  • The rate and sophistication of cyber attacks are going up. For the criminals behind it, this is a lucrative, growth sector. Many are based in territories which are not adverse to their actions, which provides the stability that these kinds of ventures require to really hone their skills.

At first glance, the three points above read as bad, worse and terrible. We can’t do anything about the first two, but the third is different. Certainly, we can’t stop the criminals from doing what they do, but we can put obstacles in their way so that you can provide a lot of protection for your clients. 

Your services that protect your clients are unlikely to be considered as cuttable; they are not a “nice to have” they are a “must have”. If your clients do not break under the weight of these adverse economic conditions, they will for the most part have to continue to invest in security.

The message is this: sell cyber security and focus your sales and marketing on that side of your business. The more the opposition ramps up, the more your clients need protection. Perhaps it is a mercenary way of thinking about things, but you are selling weapons during an arms race. 

If you have not yet explored the full range of services that Brigantia can bring to your business then now would be a very good time to do so. 

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