Cyber Essentials is changing on 24th January 2022 – Will you be ready?

2nd December 2021 Brigantia

Next month, Cyber Essentials will be improved in an effort to counter the increasingly dangerous threat landscape, and we had all better be ready for these changes!

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Why people don’t want to do their training and how to get around it

11th November 2021 Security

There are very few people in this world that think, “Oh goody! My next security training module now needs doing.”

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GCHQ – Cyber Most Likely Crime

“Here in the UK the crime you’re most likely to suffer is a cyber-crime” - Sir Jeremy Fleming, GCHQ Director.

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2nd November 2021 Brigantia

We are delighted to announce that we won Distributor of the Year at the 2021 Network Computing Awards. We were also named Runners Up for Customer Service.

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GCHQ – Ransomware doubles in past year

Why have ransomware attacks increased so much? The answer is quite simple: it is very effective.

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How we helped Superfast IT to deliver a robust security awareness training program.

25th October 2021 Brigantia

Superfast IT prides itself on being a great place to work. At its core, the Birmingham IT support company has a highly engaged team who provide excellent service and (super)fast, user-friendly solutions for customers. Superfast adopts robust security measures that keeps the business and its clients safe.

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Microsoft’s Passwordless Login – Are You Sure?

14th October 2021 Security, Technology

If you want proper passwordless technology then you need to use Keeper. You log into Keeper and then every other login that you need to do is done for you. This includes any 2FA that may have otherwise slowed you down.

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Quantum Cryptography – What Will Change?

13th October 2021 Brigantia, Data Protection, Technology

What will happen to all the existing security if quantum computers make them no longer fit for purpose? These systems will become obsolete, and quantum security will be born.

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Interpol on Cybercrime in the Current Pandemic

8th October 2021 Brigantia, Security

“Cybercriminals are developing and boosting their attacks at an alarming pace, exploiting the fear and uncertainty caused by the unstable social and economic situation created by COVID-19.” Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General

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Stop adding the wrong layers!

28th July 2021 Security

Balance is key to mitigating cyber threats, in particular a balance between having reactive based detection layers and proactive layers. Have too many reactive layers?...

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Welcome to Heimdal’s New Channel Partner Programmes

20th July 2021 Brigantia, Security

Brigantia is proudly Heimdal’s Master Distributor for the UK & Ireland. Brigantia, back in 2016, was hugely impressed by the unique nature of Heimdal’s technology which was built...

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Brigantia launches Untangle: Q&A with SVP of Product and Marketing

19th July 2021 Brigantia

As part of the launch with Untangle, Brigantia put forward some questions to Untangle’s Heather Paunet, SVP, Product and Marketing, to hear how Untangle’s NG...

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Final nail in the coffin for agent based RMM?

19th July 2021 Security

As you are probably aware, Kaseya has become the latest Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) solution to suffer a ransomware attack. The previous attack on an RMM on a similar scale was Connectwise Automate. There was also the Solarwinds Orion hack, another monitoring tool heavily used by many MSPs.

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Hornetsecurity launch 365 Total Backup!

15th July 2021 Security

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Backup is a high performance, intuitive, and easy-to-manage backup and recovery solution, protecting your clients against enterprise data loss through a comprehensive, automatic backup of Microsoft 365 mailboxes, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries, Teams Chats, and endpoints.

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Redstor continues to expand the reach and capability of its data management platform

15th July 2021 Backup, Cloud

Redstor now supports Microsoft’s OneNote as part of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams backups, creating the broadest M365 support of any backup provider.

Redstor also offers backup and recovery of Salesforce.

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Introducing Heimdal’s Ransomware Encryption Protection

15th July 2021 Brigantia

Heimdal’s latest addition to their module stack is aimed at providing an extra layer of protection against ransomware attacks by blocking unwanted encryptions on your devices.

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Another day, another breach!

17th June 2021 Brigantia

It seems that every morning when you read the news, there is yet another company that has been breached, it is not coincidence either, attackers are using more and more sophisticated attacks to breach the defences of some of the world’s largest organisations.

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Redstor adds more than 20 enhancements to its data management platform to round out H1 2021

10th June 2021 Backup, Brigantia, Data Protection

The first half of 2021 has seen several major trends dominate the IT space, including a surge in crippling cyber-attacks, high-profile outages, and the continued growth of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace as organisations embrace remote or hybrid working strategies.

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Changes to Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

28th April 2021 Brigantia

In April every year, IASME provides an update to the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus process for the coming twelve months.

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Safe-T Added as an Approved Vendor by NASA

14th April 2021 Brigantia

NASA now uses Safe-T. This is a big win for MSPs & MSSPs.

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Time is Money: Issues faced in building your security stack

6th April 2021 Brigantia

Given that money is a rather important part of doing what you do, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself whether what you have rolled out to protect your network is really the best for the network, and for you managing it.

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Brigantia launches ThreatAware: Q&A with ThreatAware’s CEO

1st April 2021 Brigantia, Cloud, ThreatAware

ThreatAware creates the single pane of glass that IT teams have been crying out for since moving to the cloud. It analyses all your security tools, looking for vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and gaps between the manufacturers’ best practices.

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Cyber Essentials Plus 2021 – what are the changes?

31st March 2021 Brigantia

CyberSmart employ their own IASME accredited auditors to conduct the required surveys, meaning there are no expensive consultancy fees and much like Cyber Essentials they can guarantee your pass, and guarantee that your costs will be fixed.

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17th March 2021 Brigantia, ThreatAware

You could open every instance of every service out there and check each one’s pulse, but that would be like painting the Forth Bridge. You need an overview.

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Heimdal™ Protects its Customers Against Microsoft Exchange Server Exploit

12th March 2021 Brigantia

By now, you will have heard all about how Exchange servers across the world have been hacked into en masse. What you may not have heard is how Heimdal has responded to this.

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Brigantia launches quarterly newsfeed for channel reseller and MSP community

19th February 2021 Brigantia

At the start of the new year, we also made the decision to introduce a quarterly newsfeed to our partner base. Our aims for the newsfeed are to keep partners up to date with all things Brigantia; what is happening with our technology vendors and our plans for the future.

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Tips for working from home and home-schooling

18th February 2021 Brigantia, Brigantia Enhance

Advice on how to support staff who are juggling working from home and home-schooling schedules.

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What does safe-t do, and why should I be interested?

12th February 2021 Brigantia, Security, Technology

The fundamental concept behind safe-t’s services is “Zero Trust”.

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Important announcement: A change in the Heimdal™ product names

20th January 2021 Brigantia

At the start of the New Year, Heimdal™ announced some important changes to their branding.

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Retrofitted MFA for existing solutions?

20th January 2021 Brigantia

ZoneZero MFA allows you to easily integrate multi-factor authentication and identity awareness into all access scenarios for remote and internal users, VPNs, web applications, and non-web applications.

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How we helped Cornwall IT to deliver seamless Microsoft 365 protection to their client base

12th January 2021 Backup, Brigantia, Case Study

Day-to-day, Cornwall IT are busy taking care of customers and dealing with new enquiries, so needed a reliable solution that “just worked”.

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Why you should never store your credentials in your browser

18th December 2020 Data Protection, GDPR, Security, Technology

As many as three million people use browser extensions that maliciously take their data.

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Computing Security Awards – Winners Announced 2020

11th December 2020 Brigantia

The Computing Security 2020 Award winners were announced last night and we are proud to be Runners Up in the Security Distributor of the Year...

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Case Study: Heimdal & Orbital Technology

1st December 2020 Case Study

About five years ago, Orbital Technology became aware that its existing Anti-Virus solution was not effectively protecting customers’ systems, and was allowing threats that were...

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Business Cyber Security and How to Achieve It!

24th November 2020 Brigantia

You want your business to be secure from pretty much everything that the world has got to throw at it. That seems easy enough to understand, so why is it not so easy to do?

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MSPs need to make more money

4th November 2020 Brigantia

A VAD knows that the only way to succeed is when you, the MSP, also succeeds.

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