ITagree launch webinar FAQs

January 10, 2023 | Brigantia , itagree
Robert Hall

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Robert Hall

Today, we formally launched the ITAgree service to our partner community, and it is safe to say, the response has been remarkable with a lot of questions during the session.

We have therefore decided to put the most relevant questions into this blog for those that may have missed the webinar or those watching the recording.

Do these agreements need to be reviewed by a solicitor?

No. The Agreements have been written by Anne Hall, an IT solicitor with 25+ years’ experience. As long as you only change the agreements where prompted, they will remain legally sound.

Do agreements cover specific UK/EU laws such as GDPR and data privacy?

Yes. The Master Terms and Services which acts as an umbrella agreement, contains comprehensive GDPR and Data Privacy provisions.

How does this service comply with UK law?

While ITAgree are based in New Zealand, they provide the service to MSPs all over the world, as a result, they have built their agreements based on laws in various regions, including the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Does this cover consumption-based cloud services such as Azure and AWS?

Yes, there is an agreement that covers all SaaS services.

With these agreements, does a customer need to sign off every agreement or do they sign off the master service agreement that references the sub-agreements?

Ideally, an MSP would get every customer to sign the Master Terms and Conditions Agreement. This structures the relationship between all MSP's and their customers. However, if this is not possible, all agreements contain a provision which states 'This Agreement is subject to our Master Terms and Conditions'. So, you are covered in either scenario.

We are members of The Tech Tribe who provide a number of these contracts and agreements which naturally need to be checked over by local legal teams, however, we would like to know where the differences lie here and why we should use yourself over these agreements?

We get a lot of people coming to us who are Tech Tribe members. In terms of template agreements they provide, it's important to know the origins of an agreement you use, who wrote it and what is their experience in advising the IT industry. The work is very specialised. Also, it's important that agreements are updated to stay in line with market changes, changes in your services and changes in customers' demands and expectations, as well as changes in the law. Another aspect is the support that's available to you in using agreements. Having an agreement is one thing, knowing how to use it in your own business, how to respond to push back from customers and so on is another thing and where partners need guidance.


If a contract is written by ITAgree and something goes wrong with your client, will they take responsibility?

No. Similarly if you employed a solicitor, they would not be liable for writing your contract for you. The contract is between yourself as the MSP and the end-user.

Are these agreements tailored or do we need to adapt our delivery to fit the template?

The agreements are provided to you in a template format, and you input your own information when prompted. This makes the agreements individual to you.

What if we need to customise any of the standard agreements, is there support for this included in the service?

With the Brigantia Beacon Bundle you do have access to the ITAgree forum - this provides extensive support regarding implementation of your information into the agreements and also ongoing support regarding particulars within the Agreements.

Is there a minimum term for the subscription?

There is a 24-month contract.

Regarding contract updates - does this require us to get new signatures each time?

When it comes to updates you will receive a release form which can be sent to customers to sign. This ensures you are covered.

Is there any onboarding support to review what we currently have and pick the right agreements?

Following your decision to sign up for the ITAgree service with Brigantia, every MSP will have an onboarding call with Anne and Helena. They will curate your package of five agreements specific to your individual business requirements.

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