Are you confident that your customer contracts are watertight? 

Do you recognise any of the below challenges?

  • Understanding complex vendor terms and conditions
  • Creating customer contracts
  • Managing customer contracts
  • Having to deal with solicitors (or not because it's too boring and expensive)
  • Handling Microsoft agreements

Partners must stay on top of customer challenges, meet their growing maturity and expectations, and continue to provide amazing services.

The “Brigantia ITagree - MSP Beacon Bundle” provides partners with quick and easy access to the tools, agreements, and guidance they require.

With the right agreements in place, partners can navigate everyday challenges and capitalise on opportunities while remaining risk-averse and adaptable to change.

Why choose ITagree?


Access to tools, agreements & guidance


Delivery to you




Video tutorials & guidance


Member only forum


Automatically receive updates


Do you need an electronic signature service for your client-facing agreements?

Brigantia launches “lite” DocuSign-like service with all new ITagree partners!

Beacon Bundle Subscription

Receive up to five agreements as standard!

Popular agreement choices include:

  • Cloud Supply Agreement (Microsoft/CSP Partners)

  • Managed Services Agreement

  • Private Cloud Hosting Agreement

  • Security Services Agreement

  • SaaS Supply Terms (reseller, multi-product)

Other agreements are available and will be showcased to you at the kick off “Agreement Selection Meeting”.

How can we help?

To speak to one of the team about ITagree please complete your details and we'll be in touch quickly after.