Keeper's UK Cybersecurity Census Report

October 5, 2022 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity
Will Shaw

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Will Shaw

Keeper's UK cybersecurity census report for 2022 has been released and the results offer a stark reality check for UK businesses!

Cybersecurity is now recognised as a key priority for UK businesses. However, cybersecurity threats are evolving as risks, and the responses necessary to mitigate them, change rapidly. Staying a step ahead of bad actors is a continuous challenge and businesses—despite their intentions to do so—aren’t always keeping pace.

To solve this problem, IT leaders must understand why. They need answers to questions such as, how is cybersecurity transforming? How are cyberattacks harming businesses? Where must investment in preventative training and tools be focused? Is cybersecurity being prioritised by leadership? And how does cybersecurity fit within organisational culture?

In partnership with Sapio Research, Keeper Security analysed the behaviours and attitudes of 512 IT decision makers in the UK to answer these questions and more. This report, Keeper’s second annual UK Cybersecurity Census, maps the transforming landscape of cybersecurity based on these expert insights.

Executive Summary

  • Almost half of IT leaders expect the number of attacks, and the number of successful attacks, to increase.
  • Over a third of IT leaders lack a management platform for IT security.
  • One third of C-suite highlighted remote and hybrid work as a concern in their organisations to maintain security.
  • Over half of IT leaders have been aware of a cyberattack and kept it to themselves. Lack of transparency into cyberattacks could fuel a culture of mistrust.

You can download the full report here.

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