Why you should consider KnowBe4 as a Managed Service?

June 9, 2022 | Brigantia , KnowBe4 , Cybersecurity
Robert Hall

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Robert Hall

KnowBe4 as Managed Service (KaaMS) delivers KnowBe4, the global leader in Security Awareness Training, as a fully managed service, allowing end users and MSPs to get on with their day to day tasks. While Brigantia delivers a tried and tested Security Awareness Training program to staff, effectively reducing organisational risk.

What is included in KnowBe4 as a Managed Service?

  1. Phishing simulations at a rate of roughly one per week. These are safe phishing emails, which if a user does not take the appropriate cautious steps, and clicks on a link or opens an attachment, will then trigger a short piece of training about how to spot phishing emails. This keeps users on their toes at all times.
  2. A short piece of training roughly every three weeks: covering many aspects of cyber security. The training can be done by the user at any time in the three week period, and are usually only a few minutes long. This ensures that security awareness is at the top of users minds at all times and improves user behaviour.
  3. The option for policy rollout to users through the KnowBe4 system.
  4. A weekly security tip emailed to each user.
  5. A monthly KnowBe4 security newsletter.
  6. Monthly reports on phishing and training.
  7. The option for certain users to have report level access to the KnowBe4 system.
  8. Automated emails to managers showing whenever anyone is assigned training (including those who have fallen for a phishing simulation), and to point out if someone is failing to complete their allotted training.
  9. The Phish Alert Button (PAB). This is a button that sits on the users’ Outlook clients and empowers users to react to suspected phishing emails. If the user identifies an email as a phishing email, they press the button: if it is a simulation then the user receives a message praising them for spotting the email and then removes the email; if it is not a simulation then the user receives a message thanking them for reporting it, and then sends the email onto whichever email address is set in the system for this purpose for further attention. The email is then removed from the user’s inbox.

Who does what?

Brigantia will be running the KnowBe4 system for your clients. This means that once a client is set up, you will have no reason to go into the portal yourselves as all admin will be dealt with for you. The running of appropriate courses, appropriate phishing campaigns, generation of reports (which can be sent either to you to send onto your clients, or directly to your clients), and any user changes will be dealt with as soon as Brigantia is informed.

There is flexibility in this provision, so if you want something changing, all you have to do is ask!

What do MSPs think about the Managed Service?

"The Knowbe4 managed service Brigantia offer has massively benefitted us. Time is precious and unlike other tools, we haven't had to spend a huge amount of time training to learn yet another system." - James Cash, Superfast IT

"I am not a training specialist and want to be able to offer the best in the market to my clients. KnowBe4 is the best Security Awareness platform on the market. We are a small business with a few technical staff and not enough to manage a service like this. Being able to let Brigantia take control of the managed service is brilliant! This service takes the pain away and is also supported by technical people that know the answers and product inside out." - Simon Rosemeyer, NexGen Cyber Limited

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