What would you class as a good business opportunity?

August 21, 2020 | Brigantia , Data Protection , Security

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What would you class as a good business opportunity? I think that there are three key points to overcome to make it “good”:

  1. Your prospective clients need what you can provide.
  2. Your prospective clients can afford what you can provide.
  3. The service / product is something that you can provide competitively whilst making money.

To address point 1: The last six months has seen a monstrous explosion of cyber-attacks: everything from more phishing through to new social engineering tactics. Some reports state that the increase is at least six-fold! Basically, the bad guys have seen opportunity in the COVID-19 chaos and have more than redoubled their efforts. Without help, lots of organisations will suffer a breach and / or significant loss sooner rather than later.

With the best will in the world, IT security is not perfect. We might elude to it being close to when we talk to clients, but we know that there is always that chance, that one-in-a-thousand chance, that something will make it through and get to a user. As you well know, the user is usually the weakest point of any IT system. How can a cyber criminal get through your security to a user?

Let me give you a couple of examples: Imagine a junior member of staff who receives a message supposedly from her boss asking her to go and buy some Google vouchers, reveal the codes, and send him photographs of them so that he can give them out as prizes at the event that he is at. There was nothing in the messages for automated IT security to really pick up on, so they sail through and it is up to the user to work out what to do.

The second example: A link in an innocuous looking email arrives at an email security platform for checking, the link is automatically explored, found to be benign, so the email is sent onto the user’s inbox. The destination of the link is then updated to something dangerous, which the email security platform would not have let through had it been there before. Again, it is up to the user to spot any signs of danger before potential disaster strikes.

There are many more examples of cyber criminals being very clever with the tools that they have. The only chance to really help your clients’ users become safe is to ensure that they receive frequent training, so that they know what these threats are before they are faced with them in the real world. This is where KnowBe4 comes in: The market leading online security training platform with over 5,000 simulated phishing templates and over 1,100 resources in its training bank. There is a reason that this platform is the top of its game.

Your clients really need KnowBe4 to avert an increasingly likely disaster.

The second point, about your clients affording these training services: I appreciate that times are getting tough out there and many organisations are looking at greatly reduced revenues as compared to those forecast earlier in the year. However, the cyber-threat has increased significantly and they must deal with it or risk their lot being much worse than it already is. The cost per head is low for KnowBe4 training, and monthly payment is available, so this should help overcome any capital objections.

The short version is that they really can’t afford to not add this service!

Finally, to the third point: I appreciate that you think that you may not have the bandwidth to be able to offer this. Perhaps you think that you would have to train people and then get them to administrate, what is after all, a complex tool to use. This is not the case; Brigantia now offers a managed service to save you having to deal with the burden of running various KnowBe4 instances. Brigantia has invested time and resources in training KnowBe4 admin experts so that you don’t have to.

The onboarding process is that Brigantia can help you sell KnowBe4, the service then gets provisioned for your client, Brigantia then runs it and you make an ongoing monthly margin.

The “Free Stuff” bit: To prove to you how good this system is, Brigantia will offer you a managed two-week trial of KnowBe4 so that you and your staff can see just how good it is. Once you are convinced, you can offer Brigantia managed two-week trials to your clients so that they can see this for themselves too. With Brigantia covering the costs for both the KnowBe4 licenses and the management of the trials, what’s to not like?

To claim your free stuff, (OK it’s really a trial), please talk to your Brigantia account manager, email partnersupport@brigantia.com or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090.

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