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August 7, 2020 | Brigantia , Data Protection , Security ,

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Brigantia took the decision when the pandemic broke out to not furlough its members of staff, but rather to implement the “Everybody works from home” plan. Being in the sector that Brigantia is, with plenty of knowledge of (and access to) both the Plan4Continuity platform and lots of remote working technology. It was a pretty painless transition. To say that this decision paid off would be something of an understatement.

The new normal however has brought with it something of a change in the services which Brigantia is selling most of: to be clear, nothing went backwards as cyber security is always required, but the line which leapt to the fore was KnowBe4 security training.

It would seem that cyber criminals are rather opportunistic by nature and have seen the chaos that the pandemic has left in its wake as a chance to get a better return upon their “investments”, and have expanded operations and increased their efforts accordingly. Given that most cyber crime starts with a phishing email, the past few months have seen an unprecedented explosion in this.

The organisations with some sense (or a particularly persuasive IT support company) have realised that their vulnerabilities have increased in addition to the increased threat, and have worked out that now is not the time to reduce spending on keeping their systems running: They are adding cyber security training as the missing piece of the security puzzle. The investment is small for the protection that it buys. After all, why spend money on various network and end-point security products, only to have an untrained member of staff fall for a phishing scam and effectively hold the door open for cyber criminals to come in and plunder the data / coffers whilst ransacking everything that they can see? Effective training is the obvious answer.

From the point of view of an MSP / MSSP / Reseller, managing KnowBe4 effectively for clients can seem like an insurmountable task: It takes specialist training, skill and time to do it properly. However, Brigantia has a solution which will save these guys from having to invest the required time and effort to get this off the ground, it is called KaaMS [pronounced “Calms”]. KaaMS is an acronym for KnowBe4 as a Managed Service. For an MSP / MSSP / Reseller to make money of this growth sector, and start to sell the KnowBe4 service, the use of KaaMS has proved very successful. They make ongoing profit from this with little to no effort on their part. Why not find out more about this? Either talk to your Brigantia account manager, email partnersupport@brigantia.com or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090 and ask about KaaMS – Brigantia’s managed KnowBe4 service.

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