What are the biggest risks to your network?

March 30, 2022 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity
Angus Shaw

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Angus Shaw

What are the biggest risks to your network?

Ignoring the users (because they normally outdo any other risk), your biggest risks will be the hidden security holes that you probably don’t even realise are there. These are important as a cyber criminal could gain access through one of these holes and do the terrible things that cyber criminals do.

Imagine a wall around a house with a large steel gate. The gate is very secure and the only way through it is with permission. However, the wall has a couple of holes in it so that anyone wanting to get to the house just has to climb through one of those instead…

The “holes in the wall” could be any of the following:
• Shadow IT such as a new PC that someone brought into work to do a certain task as the ones provided do not allow admin privileges, or a virtual machine that is hidden away on a user’s computer and only fired up for certain tasks;
• A computer that while on the network, nobody ever thinks about, such as one running a phone system for example;
• A few PCs that for some reason have not updated their operating systems for a while;
• Various bits of unpatched software;
• A PC that has a fault on its security software which simply shows it as being “offline” even though the computer is not.

These are just a few examples of issues which tend to go undetected. How do you detect something that is undetected?


As an MSP you have full visibility of all devices on a client’s network along with the security holes that they may be causing. The agentless service uses multiple APIs find and inform you about exactly what is where, and what it may be missing.

The single pane of glass approach makes this the ideal solution for dynamically keeping your clients secure.

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