The Importance of a Unified Threat Intelligence Solution For MSPs

February 2, 2022 | Brigantia , Heimdal Security , Cybersecurity ,
Jack Poulter

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Jack Poulter


In recent months, there has been a focus on unifying security suites in order to reduce time spent in multiple dashboards managing different solutions. An example of this would be a solution that can detect an issue, then take action to resolve it.

There are two key benefits to a unified solution on the endpoint, when explaining these I will be referencing one of our leading vendors Heimdal Security, which helps provide these benefits.


The first advantage is one of security. Heimdal takes a multi-layered approach to this, providing both proactive elements such as their DNS-level traffic filtering module 'Threat Prevention' and reactive elements such as their anti-virus module 'Endpoint Detection'. The benefit of having the two components as part of the same endpoint agent is that the DNS component can look for patterns of malicious non-human behaviour based on traffic communications and then notify the signature-based anti-virus module of the threat's location so that it can be remediated. Because of the integration between the modules, the signature-based anti-virus can quarantine a signatureless threat.

The second advantage is the time saved and ease of management of the solution. This is because all the modules are housed in a single dashboard. To manage the modules, you can enable email alerts that will take you to the dashboard if a specific threat is detected. This single pane view allows you to look at other areas of the machine to help analyse where the threat may have originated, as well as no longer having to log in to multiple dashboards to try to paint a picture of what has happened!


Unification is critical in providing an integrated approach to managing your clients' infrastructure, both in terms of security and management. All MSPs must think carefully about applying this.

Heimdal Security offers a unified cybersecurity suite. If you want more information, you can book a one-on-one demo by clicking on this link here.

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Jack is a Senior Product Specialist at Brigantia. Jack focuses on Heimdal Security; he assists MSPs with sales and technical training, as well as presenting product demonstrations. Jack's goal is to help MSPs and resellers get the most out of the Heimdal product suite by acting as an extension of their businesses.

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