Stop email impersonation, and ensure your brand can be trusted with DMARC

Using Sendmarc, what arrives in an inbox is always the real thing. Guaranteed protection from impersonators, fraudsters and attackers.

What Sendmarc Offer

Ensure your clients' email communication is safeguarded with Sendmarc.

Our solution allows MSPs to implement DMARC authentication across customers' email domains, verifying legitimate senders and rejecting spoofing attempts.

This protects clients' reputations by preventing cybercriminals from sending fraudulent emails pretending to be their brands. It also improves deliverability of newsletters, invoices, alerts and other vital messages by authorising valid sending sources.

Sendmarc provides ongoing monitoring of customers' entire email ecosystem to detect new threats as well as deliverability issues before they cause harm.

Strengthen email security for all clients with proactive protection from our automated DMARC platform.

Why choose Sendmarc

Purpose built platform
Our purpose-built platform ensures swift implementation of DMARC compliance for end users, while also providing interoperability to assess and manage data from multiple email service providers.
Rich features for ALL
Our product is built with a rich set of features and functionality that every customer receives. There are no gradings, tiers or variations of our product, because every organisation large or small is vulnerable to the same cyber-threats and so require the same standards of protection.

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Stop email impersonation, and ensure your brand can be trusted with DMARC



For MSPs leveraging Sendmarc, what lands in your clients' inboxes is consistently authentic. With Sendmarc, you and your reputation are shielded from impersonators, fraudsters, and attackers. Rest assured that every email carrying your identity undergoes thorough verification, ensuring full confidence in its authenticity. Sendmarc is designed to distinguish genuine emails from fraudulent ones, alleviating any concerns you may have about the integrity of your communication channels. Trust Sendmarc to identify and block fake emails, allowing you to focus on your core business without the worry of malicious impersonation.

What our partners think about Sendmarc

Sendmarc is by far the best tool to help organisations become fully DMARC compliant. Start by performing the necessary configuration to have DMARC reports forwarding to Sendmarc, and after the platform has collected and analysed the data, and you’re comfortable to change your DMARC parameters to reject, you’re good to go!

Jake Ives – Head of Security at Intersys Ltd

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