An interview with Troy Midwood: How Sendmarc has helped Aabyss and their customers

June 26, 2024 | sendmarc
Chloe Schofield

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Chloe Schofield

DMARC has gone from an obscurity to an essential part of every business’s email security posture. At Brigantia, we anticipated that change with the launch of Sendmarc.

What Sendmarc has done for our partners is remarkable. In short, it's given them a highly efficient way of securing customer domains and a new revenue stream.

We thought it was time to give an example. So, we caught up with Troy Midwood, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Aabyss, to talk about their success with Sendmarc.

Have you always managed customer domains?

Yes. We’ve always insisted on managing domains and DNS for clients. This included creating the right SPF and DKIM records as a matter of course. We didn't include DMARC as it was historically considered optional.

What prompted you to look for a DMARC service?

Most of our clients wouldn't be classified as bulk senders by Google or Yahoo, so it wasn't as urgent for us as it was for some. Still, we did see potential deliverability challenges down the line, and some clients rightly saw it as a concern.

So, we decided to get ahead of the curve to prevent problems for our customers rather than waiting and having to solve them.

Why did you choose Brigantia and Sendmarc?

Brigantia doesn't bring mediocre products to market, and that's a significant factor. Serious research goes into every product area, and we can rely on that. It's also great to have a product specialist who knows the platform inside out.

When we saw a demo of Sendmarc, it quickly became apparent that our faith in Brigantia was well-placed. It's straightforward to use at scale and delivers the results it promises.

How have you found Sendmarc since rolling it out to customers?

It’s efficient and effective. Adding and amending DNS records is quick and super easy. We rolled it out to 100 domains in a couple of days. We can add notes and comments against every record, which is useful for quick reference.

It's a great extra revenue stream and does a necessary job very well. As an added benefit, it gives us greater visibility of their software infrastructure. Clients don’t always think to tell us about changes to their own billing or email marketing platform, but with Sendmarc, the evidence is in front of us, which means we can give more informed advice about security more broadly.

How have customers responded to it?

We recommended Sendmarc to all our clients, and they were highly receptive. It's good value for them, and they trusted our recommendation that it was necessary.

How would you describe your relationship with Brigantia before Sendmarc?

Solid. It's longstanding, and Sendmarc is the fifth Brigantia vendor we have taken on. Again, the strength of vendors is a huge plus. We know Brigantia as a byword for quality over quantity.

Also, Brigantia's in-house expertise is highly beneficial. We can talk to a dedicated product specialist for each vendor. If we have a technical question, someone at the end of the phone can answer it. That's unusual and a key selling point.

Looking at the bigger picture, what must the channel do to raise awareness of DMARC?

Unfortunately, too many organisations remain unwilling to invest in cybersecurity. The old attitude that "it won't happen to me" persists, and many people don't acknowledge the risks until it's too late.

The channel’s role is to keep raising awareness and educating people on the costs of not protecting their businesses.

Final thoughts

We want to thank Troy for taking the time to speak with us. Sendmarc has protected Aabyss’s customers and increased revenue. Are you protecting your customers’ domains?

Contact our experts for a Sendmarc demo now.

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