Another day, another breach!

June 18, 2021 | Brigantia , KnowBe4 , Cybersecurity

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It seems that every morning when you read the news, there is yet another company that has been breached, it is not coincidence either, attackers are using more and more sophisticated attacks to breach the defences of some of the world’s largest organisations.

In the last month, it has been the Irish Health Service and Fujifilm that recently experienced ransomware attacks, both of which were crippling but in different ways. For the Irish Health Service, it has impacted the deployment of the vaccine, while Fujifilm has had to suspend all services, which means a massive loss of revenue for a global business.

Then there was the Electronic Arts attack recently, in which a huge amount of IP was stolen, including the code for one of its leading games. The attack was initiated by socially engineering attack via a Slack channel.

Needless to say, these attacks could have been prevented.

For years now, one common theme is the fact that cyber-attacks generally start with human error, and while many blame users that should “know better”, the reality is that these are attacks on companies, so it is the responsibility of these companies is to protect both data AND users.

How do you do this? Simple, put an effective security awareness training solution in place.

The fact is that employees are an organisation’s most intelligent and valuable resource, so it is vital to make them a fundamental part of protecting the organisation by training them to be a “human firewall”.

Brigantia is running a webinar on 8th July at 10.00 am where some of these attacks will be covered, plus an update on the extensive range of content that KnowBe4 has added during the first half of 2021.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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