Why Clark IT has chosen ITagree via Brigantia

January 19, 2023 | Brigantia

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Clark Integrated Technologies is an award-winning provider of best-in-class cyber security, cloud services, and IT support with headquarters in Aberdeenshire. As a proactive managed service provider and a leading cyber security specialist, they have always valued great service and technological awareness. Clark IT places a customer service at the heart of what they do and looks forward to the future of each of their clients' businesses.

Helena Jones, In-House Legal Contracts Assistant at Brigantia sat down with Austen Clark, Managing Director of Clark IT to find out why they have chosen to buy ITagree via Brigantia.

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Why were you immediately drawn to ITagree?

ITagree focuses specifically on our industry. Their knowledge of how our industry works was incorporated into a set of terms that we could deliver. We had previously engaged with legal counsel, like many other industry partners, only to be disillusioned and disappointed with a generic set of T&C's.

From the moment we were introduced to ITagree, we realised that their services extended beyond legal advice and had reduced risk in our business. Our previous terms, like many others, were out of date. Due to a lack of industry knowledge, prior experience left a lack of trust in seeking further updates. ITagree eliminated uncertainty and improved trust in the process; we now have a set of terms that we know will be supported and backed up in the future.


How will ITagree help your MSP business?

We now have access to a specialist service that is centred on the industry. Anyone outside of the managed services industry finds it difficult to understand. The portal's updates and advice are extremely beneficial. As a result, any previous interactions with legal counsel have always been extremely frustrating. ITagree is a service designed specifically for MSPs! Updates and advice on future development are available through the portal.

Would you recommend ITagree via Brigantia to other MSPs and why?

We recommend ITagree to other MSPs because it solves the problem of ongoing contract headaches in MSPs. With the enhanced service and UK support that has been invested in the service, ITagree and Brigantia's offering has become a stronger delivery and support proposition. Brigantia's partnership with ITagree emphasises Brigantia's value as a cybersecurity distributor in the UK and Ireland.

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