Why KTS Computers Ltd chose ITagree with Brigantia

January 4, 2023 | Brigantia

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KTS Computers Ltd is based in St. Ives and supplies, installs, and configures new PCs, servers, and laptops, as well as running network cabling, repairing PCs, removing malware (viruses, etc.) and even liaising with companies such as BT when you can't get anywhere with them. In fact, KTS can handle anything IT-related that a small business requires to remain profitable.

KTS Computers Ltd

Why were you immediately drawn to ITagree?

Efficiency, clarity and peace of mind.  Our T’s&C’s were created many years ago and kept morphing as we added services.  They were not fit for purpose anymore and it became a nightmare to know what to put in every agreement.  ITagree have a deep specialist IT legal knowledge and expertise.  Their automated approach means they provide ‘agreements-as-a-service’ on a subscription basis. In fact, ITagree have all the customer agreements and support needed to run our business – they give us the utmost confidence in dealing with all manner of organisations where our business and income is protected.

How will ITagree help your MSP business?

It will simplify our contracts and give us peace of mind knowing that a legal team has crossed all of our 't's and dotted all of our 'i's. It will raise our direct costs, but we believe it is worthwhile as the time saved not trying to work out the right legal wording for each agreement/contract is proving to be immense. allowing us to focus more on our current customers and generating new business.

Would you recommend ITagree via Brigantia to other MSPs and why?

We recommend ITagree to other MSPs because it provides peace of mind knowing that your contracts are legally binding and up to date. Buying ITagree through Brigantia is a no brainer as you get incredible service from their product specialist team. It has also given us a professional appearance and lowers our overall risk across the whole business.


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