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October 25, 2023 | Cybersecurity
Angus Shaw

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Angus Shaw

At Brigantia, we understand the value of strong relationships with our channel partners. That’s why we make a point to host events specifically for them. In this blog, I delve into some of the reasons why we prioritise hosting events for our partners.

Recently, we hosted our Annual Partner Day at the impressive Level39 venue in Canary Wharf. With the largest turnout to date, the day was an incredible success with speakers and vendors providing educational and inspirational talks throughout the day.

Our events are becoming more and more renowned every year, and I think there are a few main reasons behind this.

  1. Knowledge exchange. Cybersecurity is a complex field, with threats constantly evolving and new technologies emerging. Through our events, we create a platform for our team, vendors, and channel partners to exchange knowledge and insights, whether it’s sharing the latest threat intelligence, discussing cutting-edge security solutions, or exploring industry trends.

  2. Product education. At Brigantia, we understand that our partners' success hinges on their understanding of our products and services. Our events serve as a direct channel for educating our partners about our offerings, providing access to our experts and vendors, and empowering them to confidently promote and support our solutions.

  3. Strengthening relationships. Building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners is at the core of our business. Face-to-face events allow us to connect on a personal level, which goes beyond transactional interactions. These events provide an opportunity to foster trust and collaboration, paving the way for long-term partnerships that benefit all parties involved.

Staying ahead of the curve

Cyber threats can emerge at any moment, and staying one step ahead is essential. At Brigantia, we are constantly on the lookout for new advances in cybersecurity technologies. By understanding the state of cybersecurity technology as well as the needs of channel partners, we can enable partners to be well-prepared and offer their customers the latest and most effective cybersecurity solutions.

To conclude, hosting events for our channel partners is more than just a business practice; it’s a strategic imperative. These events not only build a culture of learning and collaboration, but also contribute to our partners' overall performance and the security of their clients. Our commitment to hosting these events reflects our dedication to building strong, long-lasting partnerships that will help us all stay resilient in the face of an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

This year has seen incredible success with our product launches and partner events. And it's not over yet. We have two upcoming webinars: one with our current vendor partner, eSentire, and one with Next DLP, our last vendor collaboration of the year.  

With preparations for 2024 events already underway, I'm looking forward to another productive year of forming new partnerships and providing channel partners with access to the latest cybersecurity technologies. 

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