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September 4, 2023 | Cybersecurity
Robert Hall

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Robert Hall

To us, being a distributor means more than simply providing a product. It is about providing our partners with technical expertise and guidance.

We take pride in providing high-quality software, services, and products to our partners. As a result of this, and by leveraging our industry knowledge, we are particular about the vendors we work with.

Our portfolio is built on high-quality products that provide dependable and effective security solutions to our partners and their end users, which is why we've partnered with Conceal.

Who are Conceal?

Conceal's mission is to protect all organisations from ransomware and credential theft. Their all-purpose cybersecurity products provide a variety of benefits to both MSPs and end users, and their browser extension, ConcealBrowse, provides advanced security for any browser.

What does ConcealBrowse offer end-users?

In a world where we spend so much of our time online, it's critical that businesses and their teams surf the internet safely and engage in safe web activity. This becomes difficult to monitor and manage for employees who work remotely.

ConcealBrowse is an ideal solution for hybrid work models, and it provides a number of advantages, including:

1.      Remote worker protection

Employees who work remotely frequently connect to a company's device using their own internet connection, which increases the risk of cyberattacks and leaves businesses vulnerable. ConcealBrowse, when downloaded, protects devices and, by extension, the network. It's a straightforward tool for ensuring remote working security.

2.      Extra layer of protection

ConcealBrowse, once installed, can detect and block malicious content and suspicious websites. As soon as a user begins browsing the internet, the extension activates, detecting the risk level of an activity and catching malware that would otherwise bypass other security controls.

3.      A simple but effective solution

ConcealBrowse is not only effective, but also extremely user-friendly and simple to set up. It does not require employee training, so it can be active and operational without a lengthy onboarding process.

What does ConcealBrowse offer MSPs?

ConcealBrowse provides a worry-free user experience by detecting, defending against, and preventing malicious, unknown activity in all applications.

1.      Efficiency and ease of use

ConcealBrowse is a simple remote cybersecurity solution. As previously stated for end users, it does not necessitate a lengthy installation process or employee training, resulting in a quick onboarding process that saves time and resources.

2.      Ease of configuration

The browser extension is simple to install and configure, requiring only a quick download to provide instant device protection.

3.      A revenue opportunity

ConcealBrowse can be sold as an additional service, allowing for increased revenue.

4.      Builds trust

MSPs can increase customer confidence by providing a broader range of security measures. The ability to solve problems quickly and remotely benefits both MSPs and end users.

5.      Reduced remediation costs

It takes time and resources to detect and resolve a cyber threat. ConcealBrowse detects and blocks malicious content at the browser's edge, lowering the risk of cyberattacks and the costs associated with their remediation.

How Brigantia helps MSPs to deliver ConcealBrowse

We have a strong understanding of the cybersecurity sector and extensive knowledge of the products we offer as a cybersecurity distributor. We provide products that our partners can rely on and that their customers can rely on.

In addition, our product specialists provide all necessary support to ensure the product's success.

Final thoughts

With cybersecurity, vigilance is essential, and having the right software and good security practises should be non-negotiables for all organisations.

However, in the age of hybrid working, even the most advanced network security cannot guarantee secure remote activity. Businesses must consider security solutions that extend to remote workers, and ConcealBrowse, in our opinion, is the ideal solution.

If you have any questions about ConcealBrowse or any of our other products, please contact us.

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