Cyber Attacks are Inevitable – But, Not at the Edge.

ConcealBrowse stops ransomware and credential theft at the browser. By detecting risk activity and defending against malware at the edge through isolation, cyber-attacks are avoidable.

What Conceal Offer


ConcealBrowse is a lightweight browser extension that converts any browser to a secure, zero-trust browser, catching malware and credential theft attacks that bypass other security controls.

Why Choose Conceal?

Fast and seamless to the end user, no training required

Lightweight, secure browser extension

Identifies and isolates risky internet activity to automatically protect endpoints
Protection for links from any application on the desktop
Protects against ransomware and credential theft
Reduce cost on IT spend for detection, prevention, and response capabilities



ConcealBrowse offers enhanced security and a competitive advantage by isolating malicious activities, improving client trust, and reducing remediation costs. This security tool also simplifies management, helps maintain client productivity, and creates new revenue opportunities while assisting with compliance and enabling proactive threat detection.

How ConcealBrowse Works

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A Complete Guide to ConcealBrowse

In today’s hybrid work-world, employees are spending a larger part of their day in their web browser to access cloud apps, check social media, etc. One study points to 80% of employees spending 80% of their day in their web browser. This reality, coupled with threat actors exploiting messaging platforms within websites and apps, social sites with shortened, and obfuscated links, creates a recipe for increased exposure that is not protected by existing security controls.

How can we help?

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