Why Have a GDPR Compliance System?

July 30, 2020 | Brigantia , Data Protection , Compliance ,

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I have a special talent: I can tell what you are thinking right now. You are thinking that such things as GDPR Compliance Systems are only for the likes of the massive enterprises. Small to medium sized businesses have no place for that sort of thing. No? You were really thinking about what sandwich you wanted for lunch? OK, I may have fibbed a little, I just guessed. If you were to think about something other than food though, I may have been right… A little bit?

Back to the plot. Large enterprises know full well that they need to do to follow the rules, and they have people employed who can advise them specifically as to which rules need following and by how much. The SME level simply cannot afford such people, but most of the time, these organisations are seeing the same data protection issues, just scaled down to the SME size. After all, the same rules apply whether you like it or not.

This brings us back to the title of this article: Why Have a GDPR Compliance System? Come to that, what is a GDPR compliance system? The answer is simply this, SMEs need to keep their houses in order in the same way that large enterprises do. Rather than having expensive experts running around doing this, GDPR compliance systems ensure that the way that everything is organised within a business remains compliant.

If we consider just such a system: GDPR365, then SMEs do not need to spend fortunes on doing this the hard way (in this day and age, nobody wants to spend fortunes on anything) they can simply get GDPR365, set it up, show the relevant members of staff how it works (and how it will make their jobs easier), and you’re off. Compliant business practices here we come!

Why have compliant business practices in the first place? If you need to ask that then I’m impressed that you made it this far through the article! Compliant business practices through GDPR365 mean the following:

  • Sleep easier knowing that you do not have any data breach / access crises waiting to pounce on you at any time.
  • Happy clients as they know that you are doing things properly. This is especially true for those clients in a supply chain!
  • Organised approach to many aspects of your business.
  • New projects can be properly assessed in a structured way before implementation.
  • No need to hire expensive DPA / GDPR consultants to set things up.
  • No need to hire expensive DPA / GDPR consultants to sort out major problems, as these are avoided.
  • Helps your business collect the right amount of data: not too much or too little.
  • Intuitive to use, helps for rapid adoption.
  • GDPR365 makes getting information about what data you hold, and where, very easy.
  • Many, many other features…

Why not invest a few minutes and find out how GDPR365 can improve your SME? Email partnersupport@brigantia.com or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090 to get put in touch with your local Brigantia partner, an independent expert in GDPR365.

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