What I learned from the CompTIA UK and Ireland Community Meeting

July 9, 2024 | Cybersecurity
Chloe Schofield

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Chloe Schofield

Attending the recent CompTIA UK and Ireland Community Meeting last week was an insightful experience that provided a wealth of information on the current state of the IT channel, cybersecurity best practices, and strategies for business growth. Here are my key highlights from the event:

2024 state of the channel research

Tracy Pound and MJ Shoer, CompTIA’s Board Chair and Chief Community Officer, presented key findings from the 2024 CompTIA State of the Channel report, focusing on the UK and Ireland. Highlights include a projected $1.5 trillion global spend on IT services in 2024, reflecting 8.7% growth. 58% of UK/I channel firms feel their business is better than two years ago, while 47% cite competition and pricing pressures as growth inhibitors. Notably, 53% plan to offer generative AI solutions and 49% emphasise the importance of training. The increasing complexity of technology provides opportunities, but rising competition from online marketplaces remains a concern. You can read the full report here.

Protecting your crown jewels

Adam Pilton, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at CyberSmart, highlighted his experience in digital investigations with Dorset Police, emphasising the importance of digital footprints in solving crimes. He illustrated how online interactions can expose personal data, making users vulnerable to cybercriminals. Pilton stressed the need for preventive measures like compliance, cyber insurance, and recovery strategies. He also noted that successful technology adoption relies on fostering a culture through leadership, employee involvement, and clear communication.

Mentorship program

Andrew Allen, CEO at Aabyss, introduced CompTIA’s Mentorship Program. The program connects members looking to develop relationships and facilitate professional growth within the tech industry. Learn more about the program and how to get involved as a mentor or mentee here.

MSP guidebook

Ian Groves, Managing Director at Start Tech, highlighted key insights from CompTIA’s MSP Guidebook, which offers a framework for MSPs to enhance process efficiency. Essential takeaways include regularly reviewing the ideal customer profile, conducting QBRs to strengthen relationships and align with customer needs, proactive recruitment for future growth, and making informed decisions in technology partnerships. The guidebook emphasises continuous improvement and strategic awareness for managed service providers. You can download the guidebook here.

Have you got news for them?

Carl Jones of Carl Jones PR shared effective storytelling tips in PR, including focusing on a solid introduction, identifying key points, and using the W formation (who, what, where, when, why). He also discussed identifying PR opportunities in new initiatives, investments, anniversaries, milestones, and accolades. When submitting for awards, he advised providing clear evidence and standing out from the crowd.

Keynote: overcoming self-sabotage

Teresa Heath-Wareing, online business, marketing, and mindset expert, helped us understand self-sabotage, including the common forms, such as procrastination, self-criticism, acting to one’s disadvantage, and imposter syndrome. She explained how understanding why we self-sabotage, such as fear of failure or success, is crucial for overcoming these behaviours and shared tips for overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts through practical mindset shifts and cognitive reframing techniques.

ISAO (Information Sharing and Analysis Organisation)

The final session I attended, led by Patrick Burgess, Technical Director at Nutbourne, explored CompTIA’s ISAO, a trusted community focused on identifying and sharing cybersecurity threat intelligence. This organisation enables MSPs to proactively support clients by providing information on threats and vulnerabilities as soon as they appear. Burgess also highlighted CompTIA’s Cybersecurity Trustmark, a framework based on the Center for Internet Security’s 18 Critical Security Controls, tailored for MSPs. Learn more about ISAO here and Cybersecurity Trustmark here.

Attending the CompTIA UK/I Community Meeting was highly beneficial, offering practical insights and strategies for navigating the evolving IT landscape. Whether you’re an MSP, distributor, or vendor, CompTIA supports channel firms in driving growth, improving cybersecurity awareness, and enhancing client relationships.

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