What does Safe-T do, and why should I be interested?

February 12, 2021 | Brigantia , Security , Safe-T ,

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The general answer is that safe-t provides services to make organisations more secure. There are a lot of companies out there that answer to that description, so why should you want to find out about this one?

The fundamental concept behind safe-t’s services is “Zero Trust”. Wikipedia sums it up quite nicely, “The main concept behind zero trust is that networked devices, such as laptops, should not be trusted by default, even if they are connected to a managed corporate network such as the corporate LAN and even if they were previously verified.

How does this manifest though? What does it actually bring to the party? The answers are brilliant, once you can wrap your head around them that is. For example, safe-t provides a service named ZoneZero SDP, and says that it can “Provide secure and transparent access to any internal application, service, and data”.

To help make this intelligible to those of us who are not already up to speed on this technology, Wikipedia once again comes up with a useful explanation, “Connectivity in a Software Defined Perimeter [(SDP)] is based on a need-to-know model, in which device posture and identity are verified before access to application infrastructure is granted. Application infrastructure is effectively “black” (a DoD term meaning the infrastructure cannot be detected), [and] without visible DNS information”. This means that even if a hacker with stolen credentials can get into a network, almost everything on that network would be inaccessible.

In a sibling service named “ZoneZero MFA”, safe-t provides the ability to effectively add multi-factor authentication and identity awareness into all access scenarios. This can include legacy applications, meaning that rather than having to rebuild existing solutions to make them safer, you can simply use this service which can translate as large savings for client organisations.

There is a whole load more to safe-t, but rather than try to cover everything in one small article, I recommend getting in touch so that you can see for yourself how this could be a real game changer for you and your clients. Talk to your Brigantia account manager, email partnersuport@brigantia.com or call 020 3358 0090 to get the ball rolling.

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