The Importance of Staying Up-to-Date in the Rapidly Evolving MSP Market

March 6, 2023 | Cybersecurity
Angus Shaw

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Angus Shaw

The managed service provider (MSP) market is growing at a rapid pace. Organisations are increasingly outsourcing their IT, which creates significant growth opportunities for MSPs. 

High growth opportunities have drawn more players, so how do MSPs stay current in a rapidly evolving market and stay ahead of competitors?

In this article, we will look at how customers and businesses are changing, as well as the future of MSPs. MSPs face numerous challenges, ranging from volatile and uncertain market conditions to supply chain disruptions and macroeconomic crises.

Evolving businesses and changing customers

As IT becomes more valuable and integrated into organisations, it can be difficult to organise and manage in-house. Meanwhile, compliance, networking, and security requirements are becoming increasingly complicated. Of course, this is where MSPs excel - by filling gaps in their customers' IT infrastructure.
Customer expectations and experiences are evolving at the same rate as the market. These changes pose difficulties for MSPs. Not only are demands becoming more complex, but the MSP space is becoming increasingly competitive.

Complexity and competition
The implications are clear: you must be able to add value, provide excellent service, and solve complex problems. It’s not even enough to do all that. You also need to show customers that you’re doing all this. You must also demonstrate to customers that you are doing all of this. Otherwise, customers are willing to discontinue services and switch to other providers.

MSPs rely on the consistency that comes with monthly recurring revenue. Retaining existing customers is just as important as acquiring new ones in this model. And there's no getting around the need for exceptional service in that ongoing mission. This is where having the right partners can come in handy.

Using the channel 
We believe that the channel should be about mutual benefit. We all have a role to play. Vendors create solutions, and distributors provide them with a sales network, in collaboration with MSPs. End users should then benefit from the channel's collective expertise, in turn generating recurring revenue streams for the channel.

The problem is that the channel does not always operate in this manner. Some MSPs do not make use of the resources made available by distributors. Some distributors and vendors provide limited support and do not consider feedback. Those mutual benefits will simply not be realised in these scenarios.

For all of us, the question is how to ensure that the channel adds value. And in this case, it's all about finding the right partners and making the most of them. In a nutshell, our advice to MSPs is to rely on their partners! If they are dependable, they will assist you in overcoming your obstacles, whether they are technical, or sales related. That is exactly what Brigantia is dedicated to.

Brigantia – a reliable partner
Choosing the right partner is critical, and we believe that we provide a unique offering in the cybersecurity space. We've built a robust portfolio of cybersecurity solutions that we rigorously test for quality.
We understand the challenges that MSPs face and are here to help. This is how we do it.

Reasons to partner with us

1.    We understand partnership 

Good relationships are essential for a successful partnership. That is how we approach account management. That’s why all our partners have a single point of contact for account management, meaning you only need to deal with one person for everything from billing and sales to marketing and technical support.

This allows us to build genuine rapport with our partners. This is not only the right approach from a personal standpoint, but it also has real business benefits. You know who to call whenever you need to, no matter what the problem is. Your account manager will also get to know your company and priorities over time, allowing us to tailor the service to your needs and processes.

2.    Our technical knowledge

Our attitude is simple. If we are to provide technology, we must first understand it. Our product specialists are leading experts in both cybersecurity and the market. However, we do not believe in concentrating expertise in one area. That is why, regardless of their role, we train everyone on the solutions we provide.

How does this help MSPs? For one thing, if you have a technical question, we're likely to be able to answer it first time. However, it also enables us to assist you with your sales efforts, as well as with tech support and problem solving.

Our team specialises in end-user demonstrations, exhibitions, webinars, and customised marketing materials. We've talked about how MSPs must be technically skilled and provide excellent service. Our knowledge and commitment enable us to make a direct and meaningful contribution to both.

3.    The solutions we provide

Of course, all of this depends on high-quality products, services, and solutions. How can we guarantee ours? To put it bluntly, we are extremely picky when it comes to vendors!

We're not concerned with name recognition. Instead, we employ a stringent testing procedure with each vendor. Here are some of the questions we have:

  • Does it overlap with other solutions in our portfolio? We don't want an overly complicated, overly long list of competing solutions. This is partly for the benefit of the vendors, but it also makes it easier for MSPs to evaluate our portfolio.
  • Does it address a genuine issue? We're not interested in gimmicks or short-lived products. Cybersecurity is a real need. Threats are real and constantly changing. We are only interested in genuine solutions to genuine problems.
  • Does it work? This is the important one! We need to know that it delivers on its promises. Every solution we offer is subjected to a lengthy, detailed QA process by our product experts.

We are confident in this approach, and we believe that our approval should instil confidence in MSPs. We want the channel to work for everyone. The key is to provide excellent solutions, service, and relationships.

Final thoughts
The MSP market is fast-paced and competitive. As a result, it is an exciting but challenging sector. We believe the channel has the potential to benefit everyone, but this is contingent on mutual support. Productive partnerships are essential, and everyone at Brigantia is dedicated to making them a reality.
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