NextDLP launch webinar FAQs

November 9, 2023 | Brigantia , NextDLP , DPO
Edward Knox

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Edward Knox

Today, we formally launched the NextDLP service to our partner community, and it is safe to say, the response has been remarkable with a lot of questions during the session.

We have therefore decided to put the most relevant questions into this blog for those that may have missed the webinar or those watching the recording.

Is Next DLP just alerting to an action rather than blocking it?

In addition to leveraging user education, Next DLP offer adaptive controls so you do have the ability to block. This is based within the policy settings.

What about password protected files?

Next DLP identifies password protected files at a context based level, but does not inspect the content. Clearly, inspecting encrypted or password protected data files creates issues with legislation and compliancy. 

Would it identify information in a screen grab?

Next DLP looks at the context of what is being snipped and where. For example, if you screengrab an application like a CRM system Next DLP can take action to advise or prevent this.

If you paste the contents of an excel spreadsheet in to an email as plain text would that be blocked?

As with attachments, Next can block (or simply alert) on this sort of behaviour.

Can you block copy to USB?

Yes, the service can block the usb drive, block file based on extenstion or mime type, block the file based on content. This feature can be controlled via group membership.

What is the performance hit to an end user machine to have this agent seemingly monitor everything?

The agent is a lightweight, kernel agent. It has extremely little affect to CPU and overall endpoint performance. Next DLP have deployed this for customers with over 15,000 endpoints.

Do you track and audit all actions a user takes so that for example should a member of staff hand in their notice, you can then go back to report on their behaviour?

This is offered out of the box with the service. You can retrospectively go back 30 days as standard and up to 90 days. Offsite backups of data can be taken so that it can be stored beyond 90 days if required.

Please can you give some detail on the licensing model?

This is licensed domainwide on a per device/per month subscription model. Annual terms also available.

Is there an opportunity for partner programmes on rebates and MDF?

Absolutely - as with all our vendors! Ask for more information on how we can support you.

What operating systems is the service compatible with?

Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported.

If you would like to learn more about the product you can book a 1-2-1 meeting with me using the button below.

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