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April 5, 2022 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity
Robert Hall

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Robert Hall

Insurance and Security Awareness Training in 2022...

For many companies, the cost of cyber breaches can be a crippling expense to recover from. As a result, more and more companies are turning to Cyber Insurance for those worst-case scenarios.

Insurers like to keep their risk as low as possible, so when they start recommending Security Awareness Training, it is probably worth taking note, since they clearly see it as an effective way of reducing the risk of security incidents which naturally reduces their risk.

Insurance is not something MSPs offer their customers, so chances are, you will have customers that have been told that they need Security Awareness Training and don’t know where to get it. If you are not asking your customers if they have cyber insurance, someone else probably is!

KnowBe4 are the market leader in Security Awareness Training and Brigantia also delivers it as a managed service to make the service as effective as possible.

What is included in Brigantia's KnowBe4 Managed Service

  • Phishing simulations at a rate of roughly one per week. These are safe phishing emails, which if a user does not take the appropriate cautious steps, and clicks on a link or opens an attachment, will then trigger a short piece of training about how to spot phishing emails.
  • A short piece of training roughly every three weeks: covering many aspects of cyber security. The training can be done by the user at any time in the three week period, and are usually only a few minutes long.
  • The option for policy rollout to users through the KnowBe4 system.
  • A weekly security tip emailed to each user.
  • A monthly KnowBe4 security newsletter.
  • Monthly reports on phishing and training.
  • The option for certain users to have report level access to the KnowBe4 system.
  • Automated emails to managers showing whenever anyone is assigned training (including those who have fallen for a phishing simulation), and to point out if someone is failing to complete their allotted training.
  • The Phish Alert Button (PAB). This is a button that sits on the users’ Outlook clients, and empowers the user to react to suspected phishing emails. If the user identifies an email as a phishing email, they press the button. If it is a simulation then the user receives a message praising them for spotting the email and then removes the email; if it is not a simulation then the user receives a message thanking them for reporting it, and then sends the email onto whichever email address is set in the system for this purpose for further attention.

Brigantia offer KnowBe4 with no minimums and flexible monthly billing. It truly is an enterprise level solution at an affordable cost.

I would be delighted to talk with you directly about any questions you have regarding KnowBe4 and how it will help you and your customers. Please book a demo here.

Find out more about Knowbe4

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