How we helped Cornwall IT to deliver seamless Microsoft 365 protection to their client base

January 12, 2021 | Brigantia , Backup , Case Study ,

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Cornwall IT are dedicated to providing a premium service to their clients and as such are naturally always on the lookout for the best products on the market and the opportunity to work with customer-focused partners.

Cornwall IT reached out to Brigantia when they were experiencing ongoing issues with their existing cloud backup solution. Day-to-day, they are busy taking care of customers and dealing with new enquiries, so needed a reliable solution that “just worked”. Brigantia introduced them to Redstor’s leading cloud data management and backup service as this fitted their requirements perfectly.

What attracted Cornwall IT to Redstor’s service was the Search and Insight feature. This would allow them to keep track of all their client’s data by searching specific date ranges for exactly what they need quickly and easily. They also liked the InstantDataTM feature, which would give their clients immediate access to important files during a restore. But what made Redstor stand out from the crowd was the reliable support that Cornwall IT received during the decision-making process and thereafter.

Redstor’s solution has also helped Cornwall IT’s clients with their compliance. Aaron Nihat, Director of Cornwall IT explains “We work with important clients who hold very sensitive data, for example a charity based in London. Cloud backup is essential for them to remain compliant. We can also easily restore items that have been deleted accidentally by the end user.”

Nihat also adds that many businesses are unaware that cloud data needs to be backed up. “Sadly, some MSPs also don’t realise this or offer this service. Advising our clients of this critical activity has built up their trust in us.”

Redstor is just one of several services that Cornwall IT purchase through Brigantia. “They continue to invest in modern technologies, listen to us when we suggest improvements, and are always on hand when we need them.”

If you are an MSP experiencing challenges with your existing cloud data management service, then talk to Brigantia about Redstor’s solution!


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