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July 1, 2024 | Heimdal Security
Jack Poulter

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Jack Poulter

Brigantia’s debut InfoSec exhibition was a spectacular success. We had the great pleasure of sharing our stand with Sendmarc and Heimdal – and this is all about the most memorable moments that Heimdal brought to the stand.

They’re one of our longest-standing vendor partners, so we knew they’d add value to the stand. They delivered all that and more. This is our showcase of what they demonstrated to InfoSec.

Helping MSPs prove they’re adding value

Heimdal contributed some outstanding talks and demos to the stand, showing the sheer breadth of what they offer.

First up was Director of Customer Success, Ross Duncan, who showed just how MSP-friendly Heimdal is. His talk, Value Realisation for the Enterprise, was on the theme of cybersecurity strategy.

What he showed was Heimdal’s ability to help MSPs with reporting, risk mitigation and governance alignment. This doesn’t just improve strategy – it helps them demonstrate what they’re doing to customers in a highly efficient way.

Detonating ransomware live

Next up was the first of four brilliant demos from Imran Rai, Heimdal’s Technical Success Manager. Here, he showed the power of Heimdal’s anti-ransomware feature.

He did it live, by deploying a genuine ransomware script that encrypted a folder of text files. He then repeated that with Heimdal’s ransomware encryption protection feature switched on. Not only did it block the encryption attempt and send an alert. It also produced a full, automated report showing the origin of the attack and even information on the strain of malware involved.

This was a dramatic demonstration of how dangerous ransomware is, and how effectively Heimdal can prevent it.

Depth and breadth

The remainder of Imran’s brilliant talks were a reminder of how much Heimdal can do. He demonstrated the importance of patch management, and Heimdal’s ability to simplify the process.

He gave an overview of Heimdal’s Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) module, showing its ability to give granular access control in a way that combines security and efficiency.

And finally, he highlighted the importance of the often-overlooked area of DNS security. It’s hard for MSPs to manage this at scale, which is why Heimdal’s DNS security tool uses AI and automation to make it less labour-intensive.

Heimdal is leading the way with unification

Now, let’s look at the bigger picture. One of the most discussed topics at InfoSec in general was unification – in other words, the process of bringing different layers of cybersecurity within a single platform. Many exhibitors were hinting at adding more unification to their products. But where others have followed, Heimdal have led.

Over the years, Heimdal has become the most wide-ranging cybersecurity stack on the planet. From network and DNS to endpoints and inboxes, it provides total protection. And because it’s all in one place, this means unified reporting, audits and management.

InfoSec suggested that the market is heading this way, but Heimdal is already there. It’s another example of a Brigantia vendor being ahead of the curve.

Simplifying life for MSPs of all sizes

We spoke to huge numbers of MSPs of varying sizes at InfoSec. A lot of them spoke about the problem of complexity. Many were struggling with the inefficiency of each customer having multiple products. It means multiple dashboards, multiple logins and multiple reporting modules.

Many people we spoke to had concerns about this. It wasn’t just inefficiency they worried about, but potential shortfalls in customers’ security. If, say, your network and endpoint security platforms don’t talk to each other, this can create vulnerabilities. With Heimdal, all modules work in concert, with one interface and unified reporting.

Adding capabilities

Another big topic at InfoSec was the security operations centre (SOC). Having a dedicated SOC to manage and monitor security is pretty much the gold standard, but it’s extremely difficult for most MSPs to offer the service.

It demands a lot of resource, and it needs to be 24/7. After all, cyber crime doesn’t stop work at 5 pm. It’s global, 24/7, 365 days per year. We spoke to multiple MSPs who’d love to have this capability. But it’s expensive to run a SOC for one company, let alone an entire customer base.

Here, again, Heimdal can do so much. Their MXDR solution includes Heimdal’s own SOC service alongside their suite of multilayered, enterprise-grade cybersecurity modules. It means that MSPs of all sizes can offer clients more, without compromising their resources.

Make the most out of Heimdal with Brigantia

We had a fantastic time exhibiting with Heimdal, and InfoSec confirmed what we already knew – Heimdal is ahead of the curve. Where other vendors are beginning to look at unification, Heimdal is already there, giving MSPs more options, more efficiency and greater capabilities.

Now let’s go back to 2018, when we first onboarded them. Heimdal was less established at the time, but we could see that it was an outstanding vendor with incredible potential. And we choose vendors based on quality, not reputation. Six years on, Heimdal has become the fastest-growing cybersecurity vendor in Europe.

We have been right there with them on that journey, helping MSPs protect clients and create new revenue streams through this exceptionally powerful platform. At Brigantia, our knowledge of Heimdal is deep and developed over many years of partnership.



Why not benefit from that knowledge? If you want to add more revenue and improve your cybersecurity offering, contact us about Heimdal now.

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