Heimdal Security

The only unified cybersecurity suite

Cybersecurity solutions
made simple

Since 2011, Heimdal Security have been leading the fight against cybercrime, developing new technologies and providing intelligence to protect over 1 million users against cybercriminal attacks and data security breaches.

Heimdal have a unique fully integrated network & endpoint protection suite with ground-breaking live threat intelligence, appraised by the FBI and products recommended by the RBS Banking Group.

  • Worked with the FBI to track and bring down the original Cryptolocker domains
  • Originated from two time winners of the Defcon CTF World Championships
  • Multiple layers of protection to defend both corporate networks and endpoints
  • Scalable solutions from one endpoint to corporate environments
  • Multiple products run through one endpoint client giving exceptional management capabilities through a single portal
  • The only vendor in the market to combine; next generation anti-virus, traffic filtering down to DNS level on the endpoint and silent, automated third party patch management

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Heimdal Security - Overview


Heimdal Security - Next-Generation Endpoint Antivirus


Heimdal Security - Threat Prevention


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