What is public cloud and why should I care?

September 5, 2018 | Cloud

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Let’s say that your company delivers a service to your clients via an app or some software. Ideally, these days the processing would be something that you would host as this makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your intellectual property and gives a wider variety of options to your clients as to what devices they use your app / software on. The problems with this approach have always been the costs of setting up the servers for running this stuff and then, the nightmare of scaling the output to keep up with requirement!

How can you get around the scaling issue? The options were to buy something that did the job and then make significant changes further down the line, or to go for servers that are more powerful than you needed at the time (usually at a prohibitive cost).

This is why you should care about what the public cloud is: Egenera’s Xterity public cloud deals with all of the above issues.

The obvious start is that there is very little initial cost, which, versus the capital costs of servers being so high that they could make your financial director weep, makes this a winner straight away. All that there is to pay for is the cost of your IT providers time in setting it all up, which with Egenera’s “drag and drop” server designer, can be very quick indeed!

The next biggy is the scaling, of course, and this Egenera public cloud stuff simply nails it. As a cloud server is a virtualised system, it can be scaled according to the need at that time and then rescaled when that need changes. One thing worth bearing in mind is that on the Egenera Xterity cloud platform, the servers can be scaled both up and down: this means that you can scale up for a short-term need and scale down again once that need has passed. This could be very useful to you, if for example, you decide to have a promotion where you encourage your prospective clients to use your app / software for free for a limited time. You could scale up the CPUs, the memory, the storage and the bandwidth to cope with the temporary demand, and then scale it all back down again once the promotion has finished.

The beauty of this is that you only pay for what you use, and you only use what you need. It is quick and easy to make changes on the Egenera Xterity platform too, so the reconfiguration costs will also be small.

If you, or better yet your IT provider, would like to know more then please just follow the link below to attend a webinar. Once people start to use this cloud platform, they tend to keep on using it so please invest a little of your time to find out why.


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