VMwhere? What’s next for VMware Horizon partners after Broadcom acquisition?

January 25, 2024 | Cybersecurity
Tom Newby

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Tom Newby

Since VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom, VMware channel partners have been in a tricky spot. With many partner agreements ending, there’s a lot of understandable concern. What platform should you migrate customers to? How will you do it in time?

I want to offer an answer in the form of Parallels RAS. The short version is that this is a great platform to which we can help migrate your customers as seamlessly as possible. Let’s explore why – starting with a bit of background.

What’s going on with VMware?

When Broadcom acquired the business last year, partners started to worry about how it would affect them. Those worries appear to have been confirmed.

The latest is that Broadcom is effectively cancelling VMware’s partner programme and absorbing higher-earning partners into its programme. This is invitation-only and looks set to leave a lot of VARs and MSPs in the cold at short notice.

We’re not here to criticise anyone; no doubt this move will benefit many. But for those VMware Horizon providers looking for an alternative, I’m here to present one: Parallels RAS.

A quick introduction to Parallels RAS

Parallels RAS (remote application server) is a highly adaptable and secure virtual desktop service that enables safe, efficient remote and hybrid work. It also does this in an exceptionally MSP-friendly way. At Brigantia, we subject each vendor to thorough tests to ensure a) that they work for end users and b) that they work for our partners.

Parallels RAS ticks both boxes emphatically. Those are the headlines. However, the context for this article is particular. Many people need to know how they can migrate customers quickly and safely. With that in mind, here are three reasons why Parallels RAS is a great choice.

1. Flexibility

You can deploy Parallels RAS in on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud environments and fully integrate with Azure Virtual Desktop. Regardless of how it’s deployed, the platform offers virtual desktops and apps on any device or operating system. MSPs can also provide it as a white-label product, while end users can customise the appearance in themes to match their brand.

This makes it highly technically and commercially adaptable, which in turn means it’s a great destination to migrate to. If your current setup is quite particular, chances are you can replicate it with Parallels RAS.

2. Simple licensing

If you’re migrating many customers, you don’t just need to convince yourself that it’s in their interests. Naturally, it would help if you reassured them, too. One great selling point of

Parallels RAS is its licensing model. Although the platform is feature-rich and sophisticated, licencing is simple and based on usage.

This offers two benefits if you need to migrate to the platform quickly. One is that some customers will save money. Second, the simplicity means it will be easier to communicate pricing or billing changes to users (and, for that matter, to your team). This kind of detail makes it easier to roll out fast.

3. Speedy deployment

One of the biggest concerns for outgoing VMware partners is the urgency of it all. They don’t just have to find an alternative but do it fast. This is another area where Parallels RAS excels. Deployment is fast, configuration is easy, and technical training is free.

You’d also have the Brigantia team on your side. One of the reasons our partners stay with us is our knowledge. We know our vendors and their products inside out, and we’re confident that we can handle almost any question about them. This means that we can give practical, actionable advice about every part of migrating your customers.

Book a demo

This is a big decision for all providers who – by choice or otherwise – will be migrating customers from VMware. One article isn’t going to sway it alone. So why not book a demo? We’d be delighted to walk you through the platform and migration path. More importantly, we’ll listen – to your dilemmas about your customer base and find a way to make this work for you.

You can book a demo here. Or, if you prefer, drop me a message and we’ll organise something quickly.

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