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July 28, 2021 | Security , Heimdal Security , Cybersecurity

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Balance is key to mitigating cyber threats, in particular a balance between having reactive based detection layers and proactive layers.

Have too many reactive layers? Then you are sitting on the back foot until an infection gets on your machines.

Have too many proactive layers? Then you do not have the remediation tools to react if something does get through.

So, what is the happy medium? A set of solutions which can complement each other: a proactive solution which can bolster the gaps of the reactive solution. Heimdal Security has a good balance of solutions designed to either complement your existing stack or be a full stack itself.

Heimdal Security has a good balance of solutions designed to either complement your existing stack or be a full stack itself.

The points below we will show you how each of the modules fit together.

  • Threat Prevention: This solution is a proactive piece which filters two-way web traffic for malware using Heimdal’s own unique threat intelligence. Any blocks seen are analysed by machine learning which hunts for signatureless threats which your Anti-Virus is unable to pick up on. It is installed on the endpoint, meaning it supports remote working as well as the ability to block categories such as social media.
  • Patch and Assets: 85% of cyber-attacks exploit vulnerabilities in software, but with so much third-party software out there this can be a daunting task to do manually. Heimdal provides patching for 140 third-party apps, and is totally silent and automatic. As for meeting standards, you can generate a full software inventory list and audit what is installed on each machine. Heimdal will also patch your windows software, giving you the ability to schedule reboots so they do not impact on productivity.
  • Threat Detection: This is the reactive piece of the Heimdal stack; it is a signature based Anti-virus and is the base layer of any security suite. This piece will quarantine and remove any unwanted files on the machine but also communicate with the other Heimdal modules to identify signatureless threats.
  • Ransomware Encryption Protection: This solution is designed to be signatureless and complimentary to your anti-virus. You can use this to block any unwanted encryptions and add any legitimate encryption to an exclusion list. By doing so you can block the final stage of a ransomware attack if all else fails.

If you wish to find out more about the above, or discuss other Heimdal modules then please give Brigantia a call on 02033580090 and ask to speak to Jack Poulter, the inhouse Heimdal product specialist.

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