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February 26, 2024 | KnowBe4
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Robert Hall

Did you know that over 90% of successful cyber-attacks involve some form of phishing?

Phishing emails pose significant threats to individuals and organisations. From unsuspecting employees to seasoned professionals, no one is immune to the pull of a well-crafted phishing attempt.


With a single click, a seemingly harmless email can unleash disastrous consequences, from data breaches to financial loss and reputational damage. 


KnowBe4 stands at the forefront of the battle against phishing attacks. Their innovative approach to security training empowers individuals and organisations to recognise and combat the subtle tones of phishing emails. In this article, we’ll look deeper into this innovative solution and how it’s changing the way organisations approach phishing training.



KnowBe4 is a market-leading security awareness training platform designed to help users understand the threats of phishing emails. By equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, KnowBe4 enables organisations to create a robust human firewall, significantly diminishing the likelihood of falling victim to phishing attacks.


Why is KnowBe4 so successful?

KnowBe4 has the world’s most extensive library of training content and phishing email templates to simulate attacks and improve awareness. With over 25,000 email templates and 2,000 training items, KnowBe4 ensures relevance for organisations across various sectors.


Setting itself apart from typical training solutions, KnowBe4 adopts a unique approach by delivering concise training modules regularly. The content is informative, engaging, and entertaining, ensuring maximum effectiveness. The training is designed to resonate with users of all backgrounds. It is presented in a Netflix-style format, comprising series and episodes that users can easily digest and apply to their daily activities.


Training and phishing users

With over 100,000 ransomware attacks every day and 10-15% of phishing attacks to users’ inboxes, building a human firewall is crucial to preventing attacks.


There is no way for technology to prevent all phishing attacks, but KnowBe4 is a pathway to creating a human layer of defence. Through training employees to understand the mechanisms of phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering, KnowBe4 enables employees to make smarter security decisions in their day-to-day jobs, reducing the risk of a breach.


With its unique approach, KnowBe4 ensures that training is not just a one-time event but an ongoing process. Users receive regular and engaging series-based content designed to educate and entertain simultaneously. However, KnowBe4 takes its commitment further by incorporating simulated phishing attempts into the training program. These tests arrive in users’ inboxes sporadically, challenging their skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios, thereby fortifying their defences against actual phishing threats.


Failed phishing attempts

If a user falls victim to a simulated phishing attempt, immediate action is taken to address the situation. KnowBe4 notifies users of missed attempts on the spot and provides training to rectify the error, creating training moments for users at the point of failure. This proactive approach ensures that users learn from their mistakes and receive timely guidance to enhance their awareness and response capabilities.


By simultaneously training users and conducting phishing simulations, organisations gain valuable insights through robust reporting, offering a detailed analysis of users’ performance.


These insights not only help monitor the progress of the training program but also provide tangible evidence of the return on investment (ROI) achieved through implementing KnowBe4. This visibility allows organisations to make informed decisions regarding their cybersecurity strategies and demonstrates the tangible benefits of investing in comprehensive security awareness training.


How effective is KnowBe4?

Organisations that take phishing attacks seriously understand the risk of a successful attempt getting through. They also know that without training, the weakest link in their company is its users.


KnowBe4 continually proves itself to be a powerful and effective training tool against phishing threats, and the numbers and facts back this up. It’s not about shaming people or singling them out but empowering them to recognise dangers and protect the business.


In a study of 12.5 million users over 12 months, KnowBe4 found an initial baseline phish-prone percentage of 33.2% pre-training. After just 90 days of training, this percentage dropped to 18.5%, and after 12 months, it was reduced to just 5.4%, demonstrating just how powerful KnowBe4 is.


These statistics underscore the power of KnowBe4 in fortifying organisations against the persistent threat of phishing attacks, solidifying its reputation as a crucial component of modern cybersecurity defence.


Brigantia and KnowBe4

As a trusted partner of Brigantia, KnowBe4 offers a distinctive and innovative solution to combat phishing attacks, enriching our portfolio with its innovative approach to cybersecurity.


Our partnership underscores the value we place on providing clients with top-tier solutions.


To learn more about KnowBe4 or explore other vendors in our portfolio, contact our dedicated team for expert guidance and support.

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