InfoSec confirmed that Heimdal was right. Here’s why

June 26, 2024 | Heimdal Security
Jack Poulter

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Jack Poulter

I couldn’t wait for InfoSec, and it didn’t disappoint.

Information Security Europe, to give it its full title, is Europe’s leading cybersecurity expo. Everyone attends, from vendors and MSPs to IT managers, CTOs and software developers. They’re all interested in cybersecurity, but from completely different perspectives.

So, what better place to get the latest industry developments? After hundreds of brilliant conversations, here’s what I discovered: what people want is what Heimdal is already doing. This is my brief account of why.

What people don’t like: unnecessary complexity

As I spoke to more and more people, a common pain point emerged: unnecessary complexity. From end users to MSPs, the verdict was the same. They felt that cybersecurity could

They don’t like managing multiple security products with multiple logins and multiple dashboards. They especially don’t like it when those products don’t talk to each other.

IT managers don’t like doing this for one company. For MSPs, managing multiple clients at scale, the complexity only increases. And a lot of them (you guessed it) don’t like it. When you add up all the layers of protection the average business needs, who can blame them?

It can be disjointed and inefficient to manage multiple layers of security over multiple products. And it’s not just user experience that suffers, but the quality of protection. Logging threats is slower. Vulnerabilities can be missed. That’s where unnecessary complexity leads.

What people do like: simplicity

Again and again, MSPs reported the same thing to me. They want to do a great job of protecting their customers in the simplest way possible.

This isn’t about having an easy life. It’s about commercial viability. Businesses need the channel to provide them with technology and protection from attack. To fulfil that role, channel providers have to be able to operate at scale.

“I want to view everything in one place.” I lost count of the times I heard variations on that. And this is where we get to the main theme: unification.

Unification is trending now (but Heimdal did it first)

I took in a lot of other vendors’ presentations, and unification came up again and again. I heard about unified reporting, unified dashboards and unified layers of protection from network to endpoint. They were at different stages of development in this direction, but the market appears to be going this way.

It confirmed to me that Heimdal has led the market, rather than following. There’s a risk here that I end up sounding like the guy who followed the band before they were cool. But I’ve had the privilege of being Brigantia’s Heimdal Product Specialist for five years. I’ve seen the platform grow into the most comprehensive cybersecurity product on the planet.

Every layer of protection is in one place – network, endpoint, DNS, access management, ransomware, and so much more. You add the modules you need, and they talk to each other. It’s easier to manage, easier to report, easier to monitor. And because it’s easier, you can do it better and more efficiently. InfoSec told me that this is what people want, and that it’s where the market is heading. Heimdal has led the way.

Simplifying cybersecurity

Let’s return to that pain point of unnecessary complexity. MSPs can’t afford unnecessary complexity when they’re managing clients at scale. And this is where Heimdal really shines. By unifying cybersecurity, it makes protecting customers more efficient and more effective.

Here are my Infosec 2024, Heimdal highlights ...


The combination of efficiency and effectiveness is what the channel needs, and it’s what we at Brigantia have always prioritised. So, why not book a Heimdal demo to find out what it can do for you? Get in touch and I’d be delighted to show you the platform.

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