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August 29, 2023 | Cybersecurity , Cyber Essentials
Robert Hall

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Robert Hall

"Partnership" is a word that appears frequently in business - perhaps too frequently. But it's not just a buzzword to us. 

Brigantia, as a cybersecurity distributor, bridges the gap between vendors and managed service providers (MSPs). The best way to occupy that space, in our opinion, is to go out of our way to add value on both sides. 

To that end, we place collaboration at the heart of everything we do. Our value-added approach and comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity vendors enable us to provide the best cybersecurity solutions to the channel. I wanted to share some thoughts on how and why this happened.

Serving channel partners

Brigantia is committed to providing the best managed service solutions, support, and recurring revenue opportunities and margins to its partners. 

This starts with a carefully curated portfolio of best-in-class products. Then it's a matter of expanding our knowledge of all those products so that we can assist our partners in getting the most out of them. And it is through this combination that we maintain relationships and add value across the channel, from vendors to MSPs and all the way down to the end user. Let's start at the beginning of this process: our portfolio. 

Cybersecurity portfolio

Our portfolio includes market-leading vendors for every layer of security. We have taken the time, through a rigorous selection process, to select vendors who meet the needs of our partners. It is important to have enough solutions to be comprehensive but not too many. 

This way, we avoid putting vendors in competition with one another, and we can ensure that we know our entire platform inside and out. This, in turn, positions us to provide maximum value to partners by sharing our knowledge of how to successfully market, deploy, and configure these solutions.

Webinars and events

The Brigantia calendar is filled with webinars and events. They are an ideal platform for not only launching new vendors and products, but also bringing our partner community together to share and communicate directly with one another.

In the coming months, our partners can attend webinars from Heimdal, Rootshell Security, and KnowBe4. In addition, they can attend more in-depth face-to-face events such as our annual partner day or the CompTIA member and partner conference. This is only a snapshot of the networking and knowledge-gathering opportunities available through us. 

As we strive to stay ahead in the cybersecurity market, our website is constantly updated with a complete list of our webinars and events.

Cybersecurity resources

Simply put, the success of our partners is the foundation of our business, which is why we take the time to collect and create useful cybersecurity resources. Our industry essentials blogs are designed to educate our partners' customers about the importance of threat protection and cyber awareness. Along with this, we believe it is important to highlight our vendors, their unique products, and how we collaborate with them to bring their services to the channel.

We keep our finger on the cybersecurity pulse, and our knowledge enables our partners and their customers to make informed cybersecurity decisions.

Product Specialists

Our expertise is an important part of this picture, and it is inextricably linked to our stringent product selection process. 

During the onboarding process, we devote time to training a product specialist. It takes a lot of hard work to become a Brigantia product specialist. You must know the product inside and out, both commercially and technically. 

The reason is straightforward. We want to be able to support our partners with all aspects of the product. That includes how to deploy, configure, and troubleshoot it, as well as how to market it. Whatever the query and however technically complex it may be, the buck stops with us.

Adding value

As you can see, we take our partnerships seriously and put their needs first, which is why we believe we've built such strong and trusting working relationships with so many channel partners. 

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do, and we will continue to support our partners and provide them with the best cybersecurity solutions available.

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