Enhancing MSP Businesses: The Value of Working with Brigantia Partners Ltd for Keeper Security

May 19, 2023 |
Sean O'Neill

Written by
Sean O'Neill

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cyber-security, partnering with the right experts is essential to deliver robust protection and maximise recurring revenue streams. 

In this blog post, we explore the benefits of collaborating with Brigantia Partners Ltd for Keeper Security and how this partnership can empower MSP businesses. Discover how Keeper Enterprise Plus, Breachwatch for dark web monitoring, Advanced Reports and Alerts, and the dedicated Product Specialist team offered by Brigantia can revolutionise your approach to password security.

Keeper Enterprise Plus: Simplify and Strengthen Password Security

With Keeper Enterprise Plus, MSPs gain access to a comprehensive password management platform that streamlines the secure storage and sharing of credentials. This advanced solution equips MSPs with the tools needed to manage and enforce strong password policies across their entire client base. By leveraging Keeper Enterprise Plus, MSPs can enhance efficiency, minimize password-related risks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Breachwatch for Dark Web Monitoring: Proactive Threat Detection

In today's digital landscape, data breaches are a constant threat. Brigantia's partnership with Keeper Security provides MSPs with Breachwatch, a powerful tool for dark web monitoring. This proactive feature scans the dark web and notifies MSPs when compromised credentials linked to their clients' accounts are discovered. By promptly identifying potential security breaches, MSPs can swiftly mitigate risks and safeguard their clients' sensitive information.

Advanced Reports and Alerts: Insights for Proactive Security Management

Understanding the overall security posture of client networks is crucial for MSPs. With Keeper Security's Advanced Reports and Alerts, MSPs gain valuable insights into password-related vulnerabilities, employee password behavior, and overall password strength. Armed with this knowledge, MSPs can proactively identify weak points, educate clients on best practices, and provide tailored recommendations to strengthen their security measures.


Working alongside Brigantia Partners Ltd for Keeper Security brings substantial advantages to MSP businesses. Through the comprehensive Keeper Enterprise Plus, the proactive threat detection of Breachwatch, and the valuable insights from Advanced Reports and Alerts, MSPs can deliver top-notch password security services to their clients. Furthermore, the dedicated Product Specialist team at Brigantia ensures that MSPs receive unparalleled support throughout their partnership journey. Embrace this collaboration and empower your MSP business to thrive in the face of evolving cyber-security challenges.

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