Brigantia launches ThreatAware: Q&A with ThreatAware’s CEO

April 1, 2021 | Cloud , Brigantia , ThreatAware

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As part of the launch of ThreatAware, Brigantia put forward some questions to the CEO, Jon Abbott, to hear how the platform fills a gap in the market and is the solution to all MSPs problems.

1. Who are ThreatAware?
ThreatAware are a team born out of a London-based MSP which has existed for over 15 years. The team understand the challenges that MSPs face when trying to protect their clients. They are passionate about focusing on breach prevention to stop cybersecurity attacks. The combination of expertise and a keen eye for simplistic design makes ThreatAware unique and powerful.

2. What does the ThreatAware platform do? What challenges does it solve?
ThreatAware creates the single pane of glass that IT teams have been crying out for since moving to the cloud. It analyses all your security tools, looking for vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and gaps between the manufacturers’ best practices. Any issues are raised as either a red or amber alert. The result is an actionable list of alerts which can be remediated directly in the platform.
This means that MSPs can deliver a high cybersecurity posture for each of their clients in a very efficient way.

3. Which vendor technologies can you retrieve data from?
ThreatAware connects to over 60 vendors across 18 categories and the list is growing every month. It typically only takes 2-3 days to connect into a new vendor.

4. How will MSPs benefit from ThreatAware?
The MSP will benefit from ThreatAware in multiple ways:
⦁ Prevents their clients from giving the security work to another provider
⦁ Creates a new cybersecurity revenue stream
⦁ Makes them perform current tasks in far more efficient way
⦁ Helps them improve the billing efficient of third party tools
⦁ Allows them to manage multiple security vendors for different clients in a very efficient way
⦁ Allows them to select best of breed security tools for their clients, no longer restricted by the RMM small selection
⦁ Protects their clients to the highest level with minimal effort, making them look great

5. Why did you choose to work with Brigantia as your distribution partner?
It was a combination of factors: their wealth of knowledge and their 25 years in the industry played a large part in our decision. However, what really drew us to Brigantia was their passion for providing amazing cybersecurity solutions to their clients and not being afraid to challenge the norms at the same time.

6. What makes ThreatAware unique?
The less obvious benefit of ThreatAware is probably its most powerful. Over 50% of all the security weaknesses it uncovers, would never be known about at all as compared to evaluating the security tools in silos.

If you would like to learn more about ThreatAware, please contact you Brigantia Account Manager, email us at, or call us on 020 3358 0090.


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