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10th May @ 10:00am - 11:00am


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ThreatAware Webinar

10th May @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Do the following scenarios sound familiar?
  • Shadow IT (e.g. that VM sat on a users machine that’s only fired up for certain tasks or a “bring your own” device brought to the office as the work machines do not have admin privileges)
  • Legacy PCs that are forgotten about (e.g. for running the phone system or for a wallboard reporting sales statistics)
  • Unpatched niche software
  • PCs showing “offline” by faulty anti-virus that are very much actually online
These are just some examples of issues that tend to go undetected. Afterall, how do you detect something that is undetected?

ThreatAware gives an MSP the full visibility required of all devices on a client’s network along with security holes that they may be causing. The agentless service uses multiple APIs find and inform you about exactly what is where, and what it may be missing.

The single pane of glass approach makes this the ideal solution for dynamically keeping your clients secure.

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Start: 10th May 10:00am
End: 10th May 11:00am
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