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Papercloud – cloud-based document management software

Papercloud is a cloud-based document management software (DMS) solution. It is accessed via the web, it requires no installation or maintenance and is updated automatically.  It is truly unique, in that it retains the look and flexibility of working with paper and also incorporates existing Microsoft Windows and email structures.

The affordable document management system that works the way your people do

Whatever your business, Papercloud allows you to preserve the look and flexibility of working with paper documents, as well as also incorporating your existing Microsoft Windows and email structures – all stored within one centralised and secure digital environment.

The Papercloud solution:

  • Simple to use – Enabling you to replicate your existing filing structures and make changes as easily as you would with a paper file.
  • Easy to access – Allowing you to retrieve your documents anytime, anywhere, via the web and on any device.
  • Safe and secure – Your data is protected from the likes of computer viruses, ransomware, spyware, scareware, and other malicious programs.
  • GDPR compliant – Documents can be quickly and easily located, and if required, can be permanently removed from the platform.

And what’s more, Papercloud gives you unlimited storage, downloads and free online training.

Security in the cloud

  • Backups – updates and backups are live and automatic, with multi-site redundancy over numerous geographical locations – meaning no single point of failure.
  • Bank level security – Papercloud is fully secure and encrypted with multi-layered data security, so you can be confident your data is safe and secure.
  • Individual user logins – logins are email address based, with audit trails accountable to individual users.
  • ISO27001 – being accredited to the international standard for information management; ISO 27001, means you can be confident of our quality and standards of software and data security.
  • Ransomware resilient – if you were to be unfortunate and get infected on your machine by the likes of ransomware, you would simply need to reset it and then reconnect to your data, which is stored in the cloud. No data is lost or held to ransom.
  • Tracking and auditing – system audits monitor user actions, document tracking and movement, page tracking and document change/version control, providing full document history by both document and user.

Data access, input & retrieval

  • Cross platform compatibility – enabling Papercloud to be accessed across any device.
  • Data Imports – pre-existing data can be imported directly into the platform.
  • Data retention – data can be retained within ‘bins’ inside the platform or deleted permanently.
  • Microsoft integration – enabling documents to be retained in their native format with version control.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) – OCR automatically identifies words, phrases, policy numbers, dates, etc. within document images (TIFFs & JPEGs), PDFs, Word, Excel, emails and most electronic file formats; making searches quick and easy.
  • Printing – the virtual printing option means you can directly print into Papercloud.
  • Scanning – supporting both local/USB multifunction devices and network scanners, images can be directly scanned into Papercloud.
  • Templates – easily replicate existing file structures, to reduce admin time and provide business file consistency.